How To Prepare For UPSC IAS Prelims 2019 Exam Without Coaching?

Blog-How To Prepare For UPSC IAS Prelims 2019 Exam Without Coaching?

How To Prepare For UPSC IAS Prelims 2019 Examination Without Coaching? The new tech age has definitely bought a lot of hope to all government exam aspirants. Students have started opting for free courses on web or apps to prepare for their upcoming exams. Even most IAS aspirants are preferring to prepare through online video courses or through written data in the form of blogs or free PDFs.

The financial crunch has definitely shifted students from their regular norms of attending classes at coaching institutes. Government exam aspirants, including IAS, are persuaded with the enormous availability of information or knowledge on online websites. But is self-preparation really helpful? Can you really opt for self-study and avoid lectures or classes? Let’s find out!

Can I do preparation without going to a centre?

So, this is the first and foremost question asked by any aspirant who is preparing for the upcoming IAS exam. The answer is “YES, You Can!”. Now how can you start preparing for IAS examination without going to an institute or any centre for that matter?

You can use the following steps to begin your preparation right away:

Go Through The Entire Syllabus and Pattern

This is something you are probably already aware of and have been told many times by either your friends, colleagues or even your teachers. Knowing the exact syllabus for your IAS exam will help you to be more focused on relevant topics and avoid any unnecessary exam burden

Prepare A Daily Routine

The more common term used for a daily routine is a “Time-Table”. It’s easy to make a timetable when you know your syllabus and the time required to cover your syllabus. Don’t forget to add unprecedented events or upcoming events in your time-table. Just leave some gap in your daily study routine as a buffer to attend any occasions before the actual examination.

Practice Makes A Man Perfect!

You must have heard that practice makes anyone perfect or close to perfect. Practice what you have read, through online mock test. Attempt current affairs questions every week or even bi-weekly for that matter. This will not only help you to know your aptitude level but also build your confidence for the actual exam. At the same time, you can get rid of your anxiety if you know your preparation level.

Try Not to Break The Pattern

We are all humans, and some time or the other we intend to break our own pattern. However, if you are really aiming to crack the upcoming UPSC IAS exam, you need to be focused on your daily routine or time-table. Be religious towards your goals, and no one can stop you from reaching it.

Divide and Conquer

The old technique used by the Britishers can definitely come handy to you while you’re preparing for your IAS 2019 examination. Divide your days with subjects included in your syllabus. Don’t be afraid to add an additional day to any of your subjects, if you feel that it demands more attention than others.

Can I crack IAS with Self-Study?

Now that you know how to prepare for exam without going to a coaching centre, you can definitely self-study and prepare for IAS 2019 examination. How so? Well, that is quite as simple as anything. Here are a few steps that will help you prepare for IAS 2019 with self study:

Make A Subject to Test Per Hour Routine

It’s as clear as stated! Just prepare for any subject included in your syllabus and then attempt an online mock test. Evidently, this will not only help you to know your result, rank or score, but also let you know the retention power of your memory.

Make Your Notes Your Bible

There are many important topics that can be easily jotted down into separate notes. Have a trouble creating notes? Just read important topics of the day on OnlineTyari current affairs section and save on your mobile/desktop/laptop. Make use of these notes during your final few days and keep them handy all the time. These notes will be your bible for cracking IAS 2019 examination.

Avoid Unnecessary Occasion or Visits

As an IAS aspirant, you should not only define your priorities but also make sure you are not wasting any of your time. Be that as it may, you should avoid visiting or participating in occasions which are avoidable. There are lakhs of other competitors who will climb up the IAS ladder, just because they focus on the right priorities at the right time.

Time Is Your Best Asset

Like I said before, a timetable to set your daily routine is definitely a necessary priority for self-study, but more important is managing your time. I also discussed that you can save your time by focussing on your priorities and by avoiding visiting or participating in occasions for now. But, how else can time benefit you? Well, time is your best asset at this point in time. The more you utilize it the better scores and rank you will get in your IAS Prelims 2019.

So, here is a list of things you can do best utilize your time-

  • Relax every two hours after preparing for a single subject
  • Take time off to watch current affairs videos on your favorite youtube channel or on news
  • Discuss the most important topics of the day with your friends
  • Debate with your friends over a single topic and jot down all points
  • Go through the official website and read clear exam instructions and guidelines
  • Evaluate your reasons to become an IAS officer
  • Ask an IAS officer about his journey
  • Understand job profile of an IAS officer
  • Figure out the growth path for an IAS officer
  • Read motivational stories about IAS officers and their contributions
  • Make a plan B if you don’t succeed in IAS Prelims 2019, keeping all factors in mind

Follow these steps religiously and you can definitely crack the upcoming UPSC IAS 2019 examination.

Now that you are all set for self-study and have it all worked out, let retract back to an important point, i.e.-

How online coaching/tutorials have overpowered traditional coaching for IAS?

The tech age has boomed our chances of preparing and even succeeding in any competitive government examination. The UPSC IAS, even though is one of the most competitive as well as difficult exams, is still being only through online preparation. How? Read below to find out how students are opting for online coaching rather traditional coaching-

A Vast Scope of Trustworthy Knowledge

With the advent of technology, a lot of free material is available online. Be it video courses or be it free PDFs, they all help all competitive exam aspirants. IAS aspirants have started opting for this mode because it’s free, up-to-date and exam oriented. So, no more need to visit traditional coaching centres. You can carry your knowledge and even test it on the go.

Test On-The-Go

Like I mentioned before, you can test your knowledge on-the-go. But what did I really mean by that? It’s as simple as it sounds. You can easily test your knowledge or your aptitude by attempting free or paid online mock test. These tests are exam based and will help you to know your score, rank, sectional analysis and more…

Knowledge Packed in PDFs

If you face problems making notes of the most important topics, you can definitely opt for downloading FREE PDFs. How will these help you? Well, you can download it wherever you like; there is no cost to it and you can read it wherever you like, even offline.

Prefer Watching To Reading? Well There is a Solution to It too

If you prefer watching about the most important current affairs of the day, rather than reading it, you can definitely watch it on YouTube. Again, it’s a FREE medium, can be accessed from anywhere. What’s more? You can always download the YouTube video on your phone or desktop and it watch later list.

Really want to score high in the current affairs section? Download FREE PDFs or watch live class by our IAS Expert Surendra Sir every day at 1800 hours. See you soon!!!

So, now that you have it all in your platter, you can start preparing for your upcoming UPSC IAS 2019 examination.

Already ready for the exam? Try testing your knowledge through our FREE UPSC IAS Mock Tests, especially designed by exam experts and based on updated exam pattern.

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