How to Read Current Affairs for RPSC RAS Prelims 2016

How to Read Current Affairs for RPSC RAS Prelims 2016

How to Read Current Affairs: RPSC RAS is one of the most esteemed and highly influential state-level examination that is conducted by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission for Rajasthan Administrative Services. It is organized with a goal to select highly educated and brilliant individuals who are responsible enough to run the administration of the state of Rajasthan in an efficient and smooth manner. Owing to these factors, the commission has to set up an A-level exam with top notch difficulty level and screen out talented individuals.

For the RPSC RAS Exam, the candidate has to qualify two papers, namely, Preliminary and Mains. Though the preliminary exam only serves as a screening test, but it plays a significant role in helping you qualify for the mains.


Tips to Read Current Affairs for RPSC RAS Prelims

If the applicant is unable to clear the screening test, he/she is not eligible to appear for the mains. Basically, the preliminary exam is a stepping stone for the mains exam. The exam pattern for the preliminary exam is described as follows.

Subject Maximum Marks Time
General Knowledge and General Science 200 3 Hours

The topics included under these subjects are as follows:

  • History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan
  • Indian History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern)
  • Geography of World and India
  • Indian Constitution, Political System & Governance
  • Economic Concepts and Indian Economy
  • Reasoning and Mental Ability
  • Current Affairs

Current affairs are one such topic which is very vast and plays a vital role qualifying the preliminary examination. It is also very important for the mains and the interview as a number of questions are asked from this topic. The candidate is expected to be well aware and informed of the happenings around the state, country and the world. To help you ease your workload, we have designed this article in such a way that it will reduce the vastness of the topic without compromising on anything important. We are going to highlight some tips on How to Prepare for Current Affairs for RPSC RAS Prelims 2016?

Make Notes

This is a primary aspect in terms of your preparation. It becomes easy to segregate different topics and avoids the unnecessary chaos of going through the entire study material during the time of revision. There are 2 ways to prepare notes

1. Written Notes: One can always use this technique and prepare notes. Later on, one can streamline these notes under different topics and make separate notebooks for each. This will make things easy for later review.

2. Note Writing Applications: These apps have user-friendly interface and are easy to access. The candidate can use either mode whichever suits them the best.Update the notes whenever you get new information. Try to write in short as much as possible.

Read Newspapers

Current Affairs play a key role in all government exams, also in the mains and the interview. And newspapers are a very important source of gaining knowledge.

  • Always keep a pen and marker handy while reading and mark all the important details and jot them down in your notes.
  • Do not go into the depth of the news. Always try to focus on the main issue.
  • Always refer to English newspapers and one or two decent state newspapers for the state news.
  • Try to read news related to Administration/Polity, National/International News, Economy, Editorials, Columns and Sports.
  • Always make it a point to use a study desk or a table to increase concentration.

Previous Year Question Papers

  • Go through previous year’s question papers for analyzing the questions related to current affairs.
  • Try to find a pattern in the topics from which the current affairs are asked.

Be Aware

The candidate needs to be aware at all times of what to study? How to study and implement?

  • The candidate must try to learn current affairs by the method of co-relating and explaining to oneself.
  • Don’t refer to too many newspapers. Too much data will only confuse you. As this is a state exam, try to concentrate more on state newspapers and news related to Rajasthan.
  • Rather than cramming so much of data, try to incorporate smart study and go for specific topics that seem important.
  • Focus on latest current affairs. Mostly, the candidate is asked about the recent developments.
  • Concentrate more on state-related issues specific to the state of Rajasthan.

Important Current Affairs Topics-Wise

  • Indian Polity: The candidate needs to have a detailed information about the different spheres of the Indian polity. All the regulatory and constitutional functions of the state and that of the country.
  • Indian Society: Topics that are women-centric about empowerment of women and other initiatives, various government policies related to poverty alleviation, topics related to regionalism, communism and secularism.
  • Governance: Administrative Rules and Practices, various state-based yojanas.
  • Social Justice: Welfare Programs, Health and Education Issues
  • International Issues: Try to read discussions from Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha
  • Indian Economy: Economic survey and budget, Agricultural Issues
  • Ethics: Life of great people, good initiatives, good decision-making process
  • Internal Security: Money-laundering issues, terrorism, issues related to naxalism.
  • Science and Technology: Natural Disasters and their Management.

We hope we could render you at least some help on How to prepare for current affairs for RPSC RAS Exam.

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