How to Read The Hindu Newspaper for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

How to Read The Hindu Newspaper for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

How to Read The Hindu Newspaper: Weather you are a beginner starting to prepare for the prestigious CSE exam or someone who is a seasoned aspirant attempting your hand at the exam after months of serious preparation; no one can deny the importance of the habit of ‘reading newspaper’ during the preparatory span. Simply put, Newspapers are your daily dose of current affairs served fresh.

At initial stages of inculcating this habit, one might find that even 3 or 4 hours of reading a paper are not enough. That is because newspaper reading requires an effective strategy when done in context with the UPSC’s CSE exam. Once you develop an effective technique of reading the newspaper, it will be most rewarding preparation strategy for your CSE as it keeps you updates with the times. With regular newspaper reading you will be able to look beyond academic facts and develop an insight into the ground realities.

Let us answer a basic question first – “Why Read The Hindu Newspaper for UPSC CSE Exam Preparation?” 

The Hindu started as a weekly chronicle in 1878. It was circulated as a news daily from the year 1889 and continues so since then.  The newspaper has earned vivid acclaim from serious readers who are looking for no fluff news, for its deep analytical style and high-level writing style. The Hindu gives a balanced, non-biased analysis of current scenarios that are of national and international importance.

How to Read The Hindu for UPSC CSE Preparation

As a newspaper, The Hindu is often labelled as ‘the best’ for CSE preparation. It is known to contain information about diverse topic relevant from exam perspective. However, it contains all that and more. The best way to gain maximum out of this newspaper is to strategically plan you reading segregating essential from the non-essential.

Things you must study while reading the paper:

  • Point of view of the judiciary in the decisions being taken.
  • Agreements concluded by Public Authorities.
  • Developments related to things taught in school from Class VI- to XII.
  • Any developments in your area/district/state.
  • Identify schemes/policies/ initiatives of the government.
  • Actions of RBI and other regulatory bodies.
  • Science and Technology section in Thursday’s edition.


Steps for Reading The Hindu Newspaper Efficiently for UPSC CSE Preparation

Step I: Get familiar with the syllabus, for that remains the most important thing and helps you in figuring out what all you must study.

Step II: Read the newspaper and mark the piece you think might be relevant from study perspective.

Step III: Study the selected material with in depth analysis.

Step IV:  Prepare hand written notes of it all, preferably date wise. Categorise your notes into following categories:

  • International Relations
  • Environment & Biodiversity
  • Personalities and Awards
  • Government Policies and Schemes
  • International Organisations
  • Economic Policies
  • Science and Technology etc.

Step V: Give special treatment to the editorials and study them carefully. As they are biased when it comes to views, research about the opposite side of the view presented in the paper for an in-depth study.

Step VI: Overtime you will have a timeline of important affairs in the country.

We hope you can follow these simple directions and improve your reading techniques for The Hindu Newspaper.

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