How to score 100+ Marks in CTET 2016


How to score 100+ Marks in CTET 2016: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) on 18 September 2016. This gives CTET candidates just a few more days to both prepare and revise the entire syllabus, which can be a hectic time. The competition is ever rising and there are just a limited number of seats every year.

Hence, to assist CTET candidates in their final week of exam preparation, here are a few preparation tips and pointers on how to secure 100+ marks in the upcoming CTET Examination. But, before we start listing out those essential tips, let us revisit the cutoff marks for CTET February 2016 as well as previous years


CTET Cutoff Marks (February & Previous Years)

A candidate’s primary objective must always be to score above the cutoff score. The benchmark score set by the conducting body varies each year depending on the number of vacancies, difficulty level of the examination and the number of candidates appeared.

Let us see what was the cutoff marks for CTET February 2016 and CTET 2015 Examination.

Category CTET February 2016 Cutoff CTET Previous Year Cutoff
General 87 80
OBC 85 78
SC 80 72
ST 80 72

From the table above, we can deduce that under any circumstance, a score of 100+ marks will land a CTET candidate in the safe zone, regardless of the category. Now, the bigger question is – “How to do it?”. Here is how.


How to score 100+ Marks in CTET 2016

Let us begin our series of preparation tips and study hack on how to score well in the upcoming CTET Examination. A simple thought would be having a good exam strategy coupled with a sense of one’s potential strengths and weaknesses. But, that would be an extreme simplification!

Paper I will consist of 150 questions from the following sections:

• Child Development and Pedagogy
• Language I
• Language – II
• Mathematics
• Environmental Studies

Paper II will consist of 150 questions from the following sections:

• Child Development and Pedagogy
• Language I
• Language – II
• Mathematics and Science
• Social Studies/Social Sciences

Hence, the following preparation tips will clarify which areas need to be stressed upon for securing the wonderful 100+ score in CTET 2016 Examination.

Primary Focus on Child Development & Pedagogy 

First things first – you need to be extremely well prepared in this subject. Child Development and Pedagogy (CDP) is the most essential part of CTET Examination. The Overview of CDP is as follows. 

  • Child Development – 15 Questions
  • Inclusive Education – 5 Questions
  • Language and Pedagogy – 10 Questions

The topics central to CDP for CTET Exam Preparation are 

  • Stages of development and its relationship with learning
  • Principles of development and child development theory
  • Hereditary and environmental influences on children’s learning
  • The process of socialisation – with teachers, parents and peers
  • Development theories – constructs and critical perspectives
  • Concepts of child centric and progressive education
  • Theories and concepts of intelligence
  • Language development
  • Gender roles and educational practice
  • Variations among individual learners
  • Different types and characteristics of a good evaluation process
  • Enhancing the critical thinking ability and learning experiences
  • Understanding the concepts of inclusive education and roles of teachers in imparting education to children with special needs
  • Thinking and learning processes of children, concepts of memory and why children fail to achieve success in school
  • Process of teaching and learning
  • Children as problem solvers and scientific investigators
  • Understanding alternate conceptions in learning and children’s errors in the process of learning.

Hence, your exam preparation and revision schedule should be built around CDP.

Emphasis on Faster Calculations in Mathematics Section

The mathematics section in CTET is more focused on your ability to calculate faster in a limited amount of time. You need to dedicate atleast 2-3 hours each day till the day of the examination towards solving as many CTET Mock Tests as you can.

You need to focus on both speed and accuracy here. As a helpful tool-tip, make sure you have learnt the following

  • Tables from 1 to 20
  • Squares from 1 to 30
  • Cubes from 1 to 30
  • Most Common Fraction to Decimal Conversions

This will definitely help in improving your overall score in CTET 2016, and add more strength to your 100+ projected score.

Solving Previous Year Question Papers is a MUST!

If you still haven’t solved question papers from last years’ CTET Examination – drop everything, and do it now!

You cannot expect a good score in CTET 2016 without knowing what is in store for you. Try to solve as many mock tests as you can after you’ve completely solved and analysed previous year’s papers for CTET.

For EVS Preparation – Keep it Simple & Basic

Major portion outlined for Environmental Studies can be best understood if you refer to your old textbooks. We are talking about studying the basics thoroughly, which were taught during school time. The text in those books is extremely succinct and all the important concepts are explained clearly.

You may refer to other study material after you’ve read the basic textbooks but not before that. Dedicating anywhere between 1-1.5 hours each day will do the trick.

More Focus on RC in English Language Section

The English Language Section in CTET is predominantly filled with Reading Comprehension Questions. Hence, focus on how to maximize your score by improving your skill at solving RC questions. There will be questions from other topics too but RC will carry the majority score here.

For solving RC questions more effectively, you need to apply skimming and scanning techniques, depending on the topic of the comprehension. Speed Reading helps but even an ounce of lack of concentration may cost your valuable marks. Hence, focus on reading the article atleast once before you begin searching for answers.

Make Concise Notes for Revision

While a number of candidates will continue preparing till the end, we would strongly recommend all of you to make short notes of all the essential topics and sections.

This helps in the absolute final revision cycle, where you can just pick up these revision notes and check out important formulas, questions, tips, terminologies etc.

Prioritising your Strengths and Weakness 

The end game is always in your hands. In order to score 100+ marks, you need to attempt those questions first whose answer is known to you. There is no negative marking – make this work at your advantage.

We will be update you all further on how to prepare in the most efficient manner during the last week leading upto CTET 2016 in our next article.

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