How to Solve Cloze Test Questions in LIC AAO 2021


Cloze tests questions are a part of many Banking and Insurance competitive exams. Solving these questions can be tricky and require practice and knowledge. If you are planning to write the exams, it is necessary to focus on cloze tests to secure higher marks in the English language section. Let us begin our discussion by understanding the cloze tests.

A Cloze Test Passage is a reading comprehension where a certain set of words are missing. It has a defined structure, logical pattern and chronological order, which helps in maintaining a unified tone throughout.  Proficiency in the English Language is a must to solve cloze test passage questions. English language vocabulary and grammatical understanding are mandatory to solve the questions correctly. Banking and Insurance Exams like LIC AAO, IBPS PO and SBI Exams ask Cloze Test Questions frequently to test the language skills of the candidates. 

In this article, we will study some tips and tricks on how to prepare for cloze test passage questions.

Let us first familiarise ourselves with the Close Test using the below example.

My mother waved me goodbye and the bus _____(1). The man sitting _____(2) to me was a doctor ______(3) to Kannur, _____(4) participate in a conference.

  1. (a) going (b) started (c) arrived (d) stopped (e) travelling
  2. (a) next (b) besides (c) near (d) side (e) neighbour
  3. (a) coming (b) arriving (c) going (d) visiting (e) flying
  4. (a) to (b) for (c) so (d) and (e) then

In a cloze test passage, you have to enter the suitable word for the corresponding blank in each sentence. It can be a noun, adjective, pronoun, gerund or anything else. The examiner provides 4-5 options for every blank in the cloze test, and candidates have to choose the correct answer based on their understanding.

Here is the solution to the above question.

My mother waved me goodbye and the bus started(1). The man sitting next(2) to me was a doctor going(3) to Kannur, to(4) participate in a conference.

The primary thing that you have to keep mind while solving cloze test passage questions is maintaining the overall integrity and tone of the passage. Now we move to the crucial part, which is, how to solve cloze test questions.

7 Killer Tips to Solve Cloze Test Questions in Competitive Exams 

Both Bank and Insurance Exams give a lot of importance to the Cloze Test. In most of these recruitment exams, the English Section allocates at least 30% of the total section weightage to cloze test questions. Hence, candidates must have a clear idea of how to solve cloze test passage questions. Here are a few helpful cloze test tips and tricks which will help you score better in exams like LIC AAO, IBPS PO, SBI exams etc.


Step 1: Read the Passage Carefully

Each reading comprehension or passage has its consistency and objective. Hence, the irst cloze test solving strategy should always be to read the entire passage carefully, at least once. Read each sentence carefully, do not rush and try to build a general idea about the cloze test passage. Once you have a basic idea, you will identify the best option suitable for each fill in the blank.

Step 2: Identify Tone and Sentence Pattern

A Cloze Test Passage comprises sentences logically connected with a combination of articles, nouns, pronouns, adjectives etc. Following the strategy of treating each option as a separate independent sentence might result in a fatal mistake. So, read the cloze test passage properly and identify both tone and sentence pattern prevalent in the comprehension.

Let us take an example:

Operation Flood was _____ with the primary objective of _____ rural milk producers with urban milk consumers.

From the cloze test example mentioned above, we can clearly understand a connection between rural milk producers and urban milk consumers. Here, launched and linking would be a great fit.

The tone of the passage is essential towards solving cloze test questions. Some of the most common tones are critical, narrative, descriptive, humorous. Once you can zero in on a particular tone, you can quickly solve the cloze test questions.

Step 3: Select the Word Type

Once you understand the tone of the cloze test passage, you need to look for the right word type. It could be a noun, article, pronoun, verb, preposition or conjunction that rightly fits the blank. Check for the words that match the consistency and tone of the passage.

Let us try and understand this better with an example

Essentially I am interested in _____ (1) world, in this _____ (2), not in some other _____ (3) or a future life

  1. (a) this (b) that (c) real (d) imaginary (e) our
  2. (a) life (b) reality (c) existence (d) truth (e) faith
  3. (a) reality (b) world (c) life (d) plan (e) universe

**The correct answers will be (a), (a) and (b) respectively.   

Essentially I am interested in this(1) world, in this life(2), not in some other world(3) or a future life.

Note: If there are a set of common or related words in a particular cloze test question, select the most commonly used.

Step 4: Eliminate the Obvious Options

The usual inspection method works well in a Cloze Test Passage. But it should always be implemented after Step 1-2-3. Check out the options listed under the cloze test question and remove the ones which are most definitely wrong or out of context. Most of the times, there is at least one such option in every question.

Let us take an example.

There are quite a few people in the world who are fat and are _____.

  • (a) underweight
  • (b) overweight
  • (c) physically fit
  • (d) thin
  • (e) emaciated

Options (a) and (d) can be struck off as they don’t match the context of the question.

Step 5: Read after Filling Options [Crucial]

Once you are done with the above steps, it is time to re-check the answers. Read the entire passage slowly and check if it sounds logically and grammatically correct and in tune with the passage tone and context. It so happens that sometimes a set of options can be relatively nearby. A final thorough read will help you ace the cloze test passage entirely.

My mother waved me goodbye and the bus started(1). The man sitting next(2) to me was a doctor going(3) to Kannur, to(4) participate in a conference.  

The cloze test sounds logically and grammatically correct. Never forget to follow the last step, as it helps in eliminating the wrong answers.

We hope you will follow these cloze test tips, tricks and solving techniques in the upcoming LIC AAO 2021 Exam.

Use these tips to perform better in all other competitive exams.

How to Prepare for Cloze Test Questions

To strengthen your command over cloze test questions, follow these 3 preparation tips.

1. Eclectic Reading: Confused with the titular word already? ‘Eclectic’ means reading about multiple areas of study, like science, geography, history, technology etc. Do not limit yourself to a particular type of subject. Read blogs, newspapers, journals and whatever you can get your hands on. It will help improve the reading speed and understand the various tones and related words used in them.

2. Build Your Vocabulary –There are times when examiners include such words in the options outside the vocabulary range of average students. To overcome this problem, it is crucial to work on vocabulary. A rich vocabulary helps in understanding the passages and comprehensions and aids in increasing speed and accuracy. Read newspapers, online journals, and books to improve your vocabulary.

3. Practice, Practice and Practice: Analyse your current performance by attempting Cloze Test Questions. If you score less regularly, you must put more efforts into understanding the fundamentals of the language. Make it a habit to solve at least 3-4 cloze passages each day. Make sure you analyze your performance in terms of speed and accuracy after each test. After a while, you can see promising results for sure.

Now try and solve this cloze test passage and see how many marks you score out of 10. Answers provided below. Let us know your score in the comments below.

The joint family gave way to the ____(1) family. Despite the ___(2) that it offers, children feel ___(3), lonely and frustrated, leading to psychiatrist problems, pressures and ___(4). A cross-section of children was interviewed, and they matter-of-factly ___(5) problems, at the same time ___(6) showing the way to ___(7) solutions. Tell your children about your work. Young as they are, they ___(8) where you have been all day. Explain to them, “Mummy has a teaching job.” She teaches little children to read and write, or Daddy works in a factory. The factory makes scooters. At least now the child ___(9) a mental picture of how you spend the day. There develops a certain ___(10) in that knowledge.

  1. (a) lonely (b) individual (c) nuclear (d) self-centred (e) separate
  2. (a) seclusion (b) privacy (c) isolation (d) separation (e) loneliness
  3. (a) neglected (b) avoided (c) disregarded (d) segregated (e) isolated
  4. (a) burdens (b) complexities (c) complications (d) controversies (e) disadvantages
  5. (a) marked (b) declared (c) pin-pointed (d) designated (e) stressed
  6. (a) inadvertently (b) unknowingly (c) obviously (d) pains takingly (e) clearly
  7. (a) reasonable (b) plausible (c) remarkable (d) referred (e) preferred
  8. (a) wonder (b) amaze (c) feel (d) estimate (e) calculate
  9. (a) constructs (b) inculcates (c) develops (d) establishes (e) makes
  10. (a) security (b) assurance (c) solace (d) restfulness (e) confidence


1. (c)
2. (b)
3. (a)
4. (b)
5. (c)
6. (a)
7. (b)
8. (a)
9. (c)
10. (a)

We hope the discussed tips and tricks will help you score higher marks in competitive exams. Let us know about your queries in the comments section.


    • In a competitive exam, each mark matters. Unless you are 100% sure, never play the guessing game. If you are confused between 2 options, select the one which is used more frequently.

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    • Hello Sunny,
      You will find a single option correct here. The others options are designed in such a way that either they are grammatically wrong or will change its meaning, if inserted. Hence, try to choose the best possible answer. Practice more & All the Best for your upcoming exams !!

  3. We don’t know what happend exactly in the situation as far as passage concerned…..asking questions like being both answers are suitable then how to choose….ex: his friend came and ____ him some money. Ans is offered but i opted gave ….it also has option lent …how do we know he just offered but not lent….???….its real pleasure if u clear my doubt.

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