How to Start Preparing for UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination

How to Start Preparing for UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination

It is common knowledge that UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination is regarded as one of the most challenging papers of the country. And just like that – there are popular myths and misconceptions surrounding it, one of the most common ones being around the syllabus – which is so huge and that anything and everything can be asked under the sun.

It is also believed that one should not hurry while preparing and take it easy for it takes time to qualify Civil Services. This gives rise to procrastination amongst aspirants and they tend to shift to the wrong approach that essentially involves first finishing up the entire syllabus and then thinking of practising or evaluating their preparation.

Preparation tips for  UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination

However, OnlineTyari contests this approach and calls for a paradigm shift when it comes to a universal strategy to clear Civil Services Exam. Having said that, we need to make it clear that there can be no Perfect Strategy to clear this exam. What may work for some, may not work for others. However, there are some fundamental requirements that each aspirant should fulfill before setting out on his journey to clear the IAS exam. We explain this to you below:

1. Change your mind-set

Civil Services preparation is really rigorous. Out of all the things, it demands a whole of perseverance from you. Unless you are prepared to let go of your lethargy and work hard consistently, this might be a wrong choice of a career.

2. Know your Syllabus Inside Out:

The Official syllabus for Civil Services Examination should always be within your reach. Its your companion all throughout your days of preparation. If you know the syllabus well, you can easily figure what to study and what to not. That saves a lot of your time and keeps you from taking up irrelevant things and stressing out.

3. Follow Newspapers & Magazines:

This one is a MUST. Follow one newspaper of your choice. It could be The Hindu or The Indian Express. Read it daily and also subscribe for monthly magazines like kurukshetra ,yojna.

4. Online Content:

Offsite a lot of useful content has been made available electronically. Various new websites, blog posts, mobile apps have come up. Follow,,, and regularly.

5. Start with NCERTs:

NCERT Books cover a significant chunk of IAS Exam Syllabus despite being very concise. NCERT’s offer a perfect kickstart and they are written in a language almost everyone will understand. The idea is to prepare content keeping in mind the calibre of students living in every nook and corner of this country and that’s as resourceful as it can get.

6. Standard References:

Once you are done with NCERT books start with reading standard reference books and finish reading them in one go. Now that you have a vague idea as to what the syllabus entails, read these books again and this time make notes out of them. Revise as many times as you deem necessary for a better recall.

7. Practice:

Start with testing yourself on a daily basis. Take up as many tests as you can. Practice answer writing everyday. You could take up Essay writing on a weekly basis. But make sure you get enough practice before you attempt the real exam.

OnlineTyari is India’s Leading Exam Preparation Portal and there are a number of mock tests and practice papers for Civil Services Aspirants. Start by solving this test series first.

IAS Solved Paper

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Let us know if you have any doubts or queries in the comments section below. All the Best for UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination 2016.

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  1. Sir can u plzz tell me, ncert books of which subjects and from which class to start with. Please sir suggest me.. I really need your help..

  2. Thanks onlinetyari for an informative and helpful article on UPSC exam preparation. I am planning to take the exam and looking for reliable online as well as offline resources to prepare for the exam. For coaching I had already selected Vajiram and Ravi, but was in search on a reliable online platform for additional tests, which I got at this website. With support of experienced teachers, well-researched study material and test-series at my coaching center as well as mock test at this platform, I have got more confidence and better command on subjects.

    Thanks again for the support!!

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