Case Study: IAS as a Career Choice in your Thirties

Case Study IAS as a Career Choice in your Thirties

They say age is just a number, still most of the willing students get demotivated when it comes to giving UPSC Civil Services Examination in their thirty’s. As absurd as this might sound, the aspirants have their own reasons. You can not let your age become an obstacle for reaching out to your dreams. No matter how many people try to kill your ambition, it is advised that one should be able to make their own decisions.

If you are having second thoughts for a career in UPSC Civil Services based on your age, you should consider having a second look at the eligibility criteria, which shows that it is not too late. Moreover, to solve this dilemma of dreaming a career as an IAS Officer in your thirty’s, We have a list of pros and cons to enable you to make the right decision.

Instead of exaggerating it as a Case Study, let us simplify and present you the Pros and Cons of pursuing the ultimate IAS Dream when you are 31 or 32.


Cons: IAS as a Career Choice in Thirties

For people appearing for the Civil Services Examination in their thirty’s, there are a few negative aspects. A brief description of the expected designations which gets assigned to a particular person is given below:

Tentative Timeline

  1. Training at the Officer Trainee for 15 month
  2. Posted as SDM(State)/Under Secretary(Center)  expected to work in this position for 6 years atleast if state cadre and 4 years at least in central cadre.
  3. Promotion to DM/Dy. Secretary. Service Tenure 9 Years/6 Years for the respective positions

To be precise, with such a progress, you will reach a retirable age before getting the post of secretary according to these rough estimates. This can be disheartening for some students and might instigate them to give up on the IAS dream.


Pros: IAS as a Career Choice in Thirties

We know that the above mentioned information sounds depressing but as the famous English phrase goes, there is a flip side to every coin, there are a wide ranging possibilities for IAS aspirants irrespective of the designation they hold.  Let’s have a look at some:

Secure Job

A better question would be : Is it worth having a secure job? To which we can shout a big ‘Yes.’ Civil services, being government sponsored, comes with the type of job security which private sector fails to provide. Hence, it would be a great idea to join civil services at any age as long as you are eligible for it.

Lucrative Perks

Perks provided to civil servants by the government hardly need any limelight. A good pay, loads of additional perks and respect from the society is the package every officer gets when he passes the UPSC Civil Services Examination with flying colors.

Service of Nation

Your age or designation should hardly matter if your aim is to provide service to the country. The post of DM and other similar analogues are best to be in touch with ground realities and to work towards improving them. On the other hand, job at the secretariat is mostly desk work. You get to make the choice!

It is not about the age but about instincts. It’s never too late to take the right step. If you have the determination for clearing UPSC civil services, age should not deter you at all. One Must necessarily join the civil services with a perspective of serving the nation. If that is the aim you have on your mind, the designation matters little as long as you make significant positive difference being in that post. Look beyond numbers and do your countrymen proud.

If you still feel dejected, head on to our article for more motivational tips which will help you to clear and refresh your mind.

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  1. What is the salary IAS officer gets at the time of joining? Also it would be better if you give details of remuneration of all IAS, IPS etc..and group B etc officers who joins via UPSC exam. If person is only motivated by kind of money he can make in government job vis vis private sector, should he keep IAS a option at 30+ age? Pls clarify.

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