IAS Exam Preparation Guide for Arts Students

IAS Exam Preparation Guide for Arts Students

IAS Exam Preparation Guide for Arts Students: The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is considered to be the most prestigious competitive exams of all. Every year, Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) conducts this particular examination and lakhs of aspirants apply to achieve their dreams of serving for the nation.

As the minimum eligibility for UPSC CSE is a graduate degree, many students from various fields of Arts, Engineering, Medicine, Commerce etc. apply for the examination. It is generally believed that students have a slight advantage over other applicants as they are continuously gaining knowledge from various sources in their IAS exam preparation.

There are certain myths around arts students that their calibre to clear the IAS examination is comparatively weaker. But, this is untrue, in fact, arts students study wide ranging topics of geography, polity, history which are the primary subjects of IAS examination. So, in this article, we will be give all of the arts students some motivational tips as well as a proper IAS exam preparation guide.


IAS Exam Preparation for Arts Students

It is popularly believed that IAS is more suitable for engineering graduates than those having arts and science streams. This is a myth. Every year, many graduates from non-engineering backgrounds successfully crack the IAS exam, In order to keep you motivated and upbeat, we have mentioned a few tips to help you in your IAS exam preparation.

Believe in Yourself

Some believe that only those having an excellent academic record can seek the selection. While some think that it is easy for students with professional qualifications such as engineering and medical. Do not let this opinion put you down. Everybody, no matter which background they are from, have the calibre and strength to achieve their dreams. You just have to believe in yourself and work towards your dream.

Get a Study Plan

Familiarizing yourself with the syllabus is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind. Once you know the syllabus you need to make a proper realistic study plan for yourself. Work on the areas and subjects you are weak in and invest more time on revision.

Upper Edge due to Scoring Subjects

Arts students get a lot of benefit in the UPSC exam as they have subjects like History,  Geography, Polity, Economics. These subjects can clearly help in choosing the optional subject for yourself. And most importantly, the general studies paper is structured with subjects like history, polity and Geography which gives an edge to Arts students.

Choose the Right Optional Subject

Choosing the right optional subject for IAS paper helps in boosting your overall score. You should choose a subject which is in your area of interest as it requires an in-depth study. You can even choose a subject which you are familiar with. Whichever medium you choose from, you need to ensure that you find the subject interesting as well as scoring.

Look for Study Material

Once you acquaint yourself with the syllabus, you need to get the right kind of study material. You can look online or from nearby bookstores and get the books from various popular publishers like Divya, Pratigya Darpan etc. You can select the best study material for yourself with the help of this link.

Read a lot from different sources like newspapers. journals, magazines. IAS exam preparation requires you to be persistent and hard-working. So, you need to study every day till the date of the examination.

Practice Writing

You can easily clear the prelims with knowledge and understanding but the mains exam requires you to have excellent writing skills. So, it is extremely important for you to practice writing articles on various issues of political and social importance. To improve and strengthen your essay writing skills, head on to this link.

We hope this article provides you with resourceful information on IAS exam preparation for Arts students. All the best for the upcoming UPSC Civil Services Examination 2016.

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