IAS Exam Preparation Guide for Engineering Students

IAS Exam Preparation Guide for Engineering Students

IAS Exam Preparation: For thousands of Indian students, Civil services remains a dream opportunity to serve their nation by being a part of the administration. Because the minimum eligibility for UPSC’s CSE exam is a graduate degree, many students start preparing for this prestigious test during their graduation years like while pursuing a degree in Engineering or any other field. It is important to keep some IAS preparation tips in mind while studying in a college.

Preparing for CSE while studying in an engineering college is not an easy nut to crack. Engineering as a course in India is a tough one and requires meticulous input from the students in every semester. Signing up for UPSC preparation alongside the elaborate engineering course’s syllabus, recurring exams, projects and assignments etc is something that only a student who is well determined can accomplish. So, it is important to familiarize the candidates with some IAS preparation tips on how they can balance both of the tasks.


IAS Exam Preparation for Engineering Students

Given below are some IAS preparation tips for aspirants studying in an engineering college to help them crack the UPSC exams:

IAS Exam Preparation Tip #1: Familiarize Yourself

Familiarizing yourself with the goal and paths to be taken are stepping stones to success. Accumulate all the necessary information about the exam pattern, syllabus, previous year’s paper of the IAS exam and familiarize yourself with it. This should be done to the extent that you could tell by looking at a question to which topic does it belong.

IAS Exam Preparation Tip #2: Get a Study Plan

Once you know your syllabus and timeline in and out, you need to make a realistic timetable for yourself. Accommodate all the study topics in the time table, syncing it with your graduation semesters so that you have enough time to spare for both. Make sure you allot ample time to revision. It has been observed that initial semesters are best for covering the basics of CSE as they are less hectic and also because of fresh enthusiasm in students.

IAS Exam Preparation Tip #3: Choose an Optional Subject for the mains

The engineering optionals in official syllabus of UPSC are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. However, an aspirant is free to choose any optional subject from the list, regardless of his graduation background. It is recommended that a student only picks the subject in which his interest lies because preparation for optional subject requires in depth study of it.        

IAS Exam Preparation Tip #4: Read Newspaper daily

There is simply no alternative to the beneficial habit of reading the newspaper daily. Choose The Hindu, Economic Times or Indian Express and read them strategically. This will help you upgrade your general knowledge skills and will also help in your studies as well. Read on how you can prepare for IAS exam through The Hindu newspaper.

IAS Exam Preparation Tip #5: Practice Writing

While you can easily clear the prelims by knowledge and understanding alone, the mains will test your writing capabilities. One of the most basic IAS preparation tips to keep in mind is practice writing. Since good writing is not a one day affair, it is considered best that writing practices are cultivated early on in time. We have several tips on how to write effective answers for UPSC CSE mains 2016, make sure you go through this information before your exam day.

IAS Exam Preparation Tip #6: Revisit NCERTs and make Notes

There is no better way to put it out there other than saying that NCERT books are the basis of it all and can not be skipped. Re read them and make succinct notes. For a quick guide towards the recommended books for IAS preparation, follow this link. 

IAS Exam Preparation Tip #6: Follow Govt. Websites for updates

For regular updates of govt. Policies and schemes, a candidate can also frequent these websites.

 1.  National Portal of India
 2.  Income Tax Dept
 3.  Ministry of External Affairs
 4.  Ministry Of Home Affairs
 5.  Incredible India
 6.  Ministry of Tourism
 7.  Ministry of Human Resource Development
 8.  Survey of India
 9.  Dept of Science and Technology
 10.  Action And Hope – PM
 11.  Prime Minister of India
 12.  Welfare Schemes
 13.  The President of India
 14.  Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation

We hope this article provides you with resourceful information on the IAS Preparation Tips. If you would like to know more about the study material required for IAS preparation, head on to this link.

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