IAS Mains 2017 Case Study: General Studies Paper IV

IAS Mains 2017 Case Study: General Studies Paper IV

IAS Mains 2017 Case Study (General Studies Paper IV): IAS Mains General Studies paper-4 will consist of some case study questions and one has to suggest solutions to the problems raised in the questions. The purpose of the case study is to test your ability to understand situations of administrative, moral or ethical dilemmas and work out a pragmatic solution. UPSC knows quite well that a student is not in a real position of power or authority to solve the case. Therefore, the expectation from the case study is to understand it in simple terms and offer simple workable solutions.How to Solve Ethics Case Study Questions in GS Paper 4

However, more than the solution it is the structure of the answer to a case study that holds significance. Answering a case study is not akin to answering a GS question. Therefore, the format has to be entirely different for answering a case study.


IAS Mains 2017 Case Study: Example I

On candidates’ demand, we are raising an expected case study problem based on previous year IAS Mains exam. In today’s article, we will be sharing as well as solving the said IAS Mains Case Study question ourselves. Let us go through the problem:

Case Study Question:

Ravi and Ramya, a newly married couple, have joined the same company as software engineers. They are working under the same team leader. The team leader has started flirting with Ravi’s wife. He has also started giving trouble to Ravi in terms of work pressure. Both Ravi and Ramya have signed the contract with the company.

Ravi is now asking Ramya to leave the job and stay at home. Ramya is just friendly with the team leader, and she thinks he is harmless. Though she has told Ravi about this, Ravi wants her to leave the job at any cost. After few months Ramya got promotion whereas Ravi didn’t. She is made team leader of another team and she now reports to the manager who was her former team leader. These developments have further depressed Ravi and lately, he has started doubting his wife. However, Ramya has always been faithful to Ravi.

Question: If you were in Ravi’s and Ramya’s place, what would you do respectively? (200Words)

Solution by OnlineTyari:

If I would be Ravi, I would openly convey to my wife about the insecurities I feel in her interaction with her boss and her subsequent promotion. I would also remind her that I trust her a lot and am happy that she had got a promotion, but i dint really trust the intent of her boss (my former TL) and therefore I would like her to trust me in my feelings and stay away from him as it was probably sending a wrong message to her boss, who was misinterpreting her friendly nature.

As Ramya, I would make my husband understand my nature and my friendliness, which didn’t mean anything more than a professional bond. I would address my husband’s insecurities by listening to him patiently and understanding it in the light of my recent promotion, it would only complicate his thought process. Since I would not like to leave the job I would for once trust my husband and keep my interactions with the boss to only professional level since it would inspire confidence in my husband. However to address his deeper bias against me I would give him a plain talk about my freedom, integrity and choices, and the fact that his distrust will not help matters hence he should be more open to me interacting with male counterparts without any bias.

Got the Point?? For more ease, we are sharing some crucial tips & tricks on how to write a good IAS Mains 2017 Case Study Answer.


Tips to Write IAS Mains 2017 Case Study Answers

The solution you offer to ethics case study questions must reflect the following aspects of your personality:

  1. That you can provide positive solutions in situations of dilemmas.
  2. That your solution is quick to implement.
  3. That your solution is well within rules and regulations within which you are supposed to function.
  4. That you can provide ‘out of box’ solutions to complex situations.
  5. That you will hold values of integrity, objectivity, impartiality in your solution.
  6. That you will show compassion, empathy in deserving cases.
  7. That you possess a high sense of public duty, that you are committed to public service.
  8. That you hold the core foundational values of Civil Services.

Finally, it is always better to solve ethics case study questions first and then take up general questions in the gs paper. Case studies of IAS exam will require a fresh mind, a lot of thinking and preparing the sketch work before actually writing them. If you take them up in the last minutes, you will not be able to concentrate well on finding the solution.


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