Top 10 Must Read Topics for IAS Mains GS Paper 1|Effects of Unplanned Urbanisation on the Environment

Top 10 Must Read Topics for IAS Mains GS Paper 1|Effects of Unplanned Urbanisation on the Environment

Top 10 Must Read Topics for IAS Mains GS Paper 1 | Effects of Unplanned Urbanisation on the Environment: IAS is a dream opportunity for all the people looking for a secure and reputed job with the responsibility of serving the nation. Union Public Services Commission conducted the IAS Prelims exam on 18 June 2017. The result is yet to be announced by UPSC board.

All the UPSC IAS aspirants are now preparing for IAS Mains 2017. The problem is that no matter how good & knowledgeable we think we are or how good we feel we have prepared for the exam there is always a certain level of uncertainty. To overcome this fear, we will be sharing Top 10 Must Read Topics for IAS Mains GS Paper 1.


Top 10 Must Read Topics for IAS Mains GS Paper 1 | Effects of Unplanned Urbanisation on the Environment

Today we will discuss the first Topic. Below mentioned is the explanation of the said topic.

Effects of Unplanned Urbanisation on the Environment

Unplanned urbanisation in India is one of the major threat to sustainable growth and development and taking a huge toll on our citizens and environment. Due to urbanisation, there is environmental degradation especially in the quality of water, air and noise. Below mentioned are some of the effects of Unplanned Urbanisation on the environment.

Social disorder

High population pressure is found in unplanned urban areas. Employment, health facility, transport, communication, etc. cannot be provided properly. Consequently, the struggle of people for limited means and resources creates social disorder like dispute, theft, lack of discipline, etc. increases in the society.

Unhealthy settlement

Healthy settlement is one which is neat and clean. Open space, greenery, proper drainage system, safe drinking water, etc. make the residence pleasant. The residence area becomes unhealthy if the urbanisation is growing in an unplanned way and a lot of people migrate there for facilities. Unplanned urbanisation results in an unhealthy residence area.

Industrial Problem

The domestic waste, industrial effluents and other wastes that were dumped directly to the river, degrade the water quality. Another after effects of rapid urbanisation is the air pollution which has also increased due to emanation from motor vehicles, industrial development and use of non-environmental friendly fuel sources. The noise pollution is produced from the various human actions which also degrade the environment and ultimately affect the human health. The growth of population has generated a very high quantity of solid waste and there is pressure to provide a waste disposal place in the urban areas.

Lack of facility

In the planned urban area, facilities for drinking water, health service, transport, electricity, communication, employment are available. However, in the unplanned urban area, various essential facilities will be inadequate to healthy life.

Unequal distribution of population

Facilities, means and resources are not adequate in unplanned urbanisation. The population pressure is high there. The limited space is much crowded. Consequently, population pressure in some places in the world is very high while it is very low in some places. The unequal distribution of population disturbs the balance of the environment.

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Lets vow to stop unplanned urbanisation and settlements and contribute from our side for the protection of environment for ourselves and for the nation.

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Expected Question: What are the effects of Unplanned Urbanisation on the Environment??

Over here we conclude our article on Top 10 Must Read Topics for IAS Mains GS Paper 1. Stay tuned with us for the rest of the topic that we will discuss day by day.How to Prepare for UPSC IAS Mains 2017 GS Paper 1

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