IAS Prelims 2018 Economics Crucial Topics: Based on Last Year Exams

IAS Prelims 2018 Economics Crucial Topics: Based on Last Year Exams

IAS Prelims 2018 Economics Crucial Topics: UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination is regarded as one of the most challenging papers of the country. Millions of aspirants appear for the Civil Services Examination every year. As of now, UPSC is going to conduct IAS Prelims on 3rd June 2018.

Among many other important subjects, Economics occupies an important place in both Preliminary and the Main Examination. However, in this blog, we shall be concentrating on Economics (Important topics) for IAS Preliminary test alone.


IAS Prelims 2018 Economics Important Topics

Preparing for Economics matters a lot if you wish to score well in both the IAS Prelims and Mains Exam 2018. Here are some Important topics which will cover your Economics subject making it easier for you to prepare for IAS exam:

IAS Prelims 2018 Economics Important Topics

  • Taxes
  • Interest Rates (Effect)
  • National Income / GDP
  • Growth Rate (% in 5 years)
  • Banking System / Based III
  • Deficit
  • Inflation
  • FDI & FII
  • Schemes / Programmes
  • Budget (Concepts)
  • Finance Commission (Recent)
  • Five year plans
  • Unemployment
  • Poverty Estimation in India, Multidimensional Poverty Index
  • Demographic Transition
  • Supply & Demand of Money
  • Bill of Payments
  • Eight – core industries
  • Monetary Policy & its Measures (CRR / SLR)
  • Convertibility of Rupee
  • Capital Account
  • Important Items of Export & Important

Align yourself with the above mentioned topics to ace your preparation. The course structure of the exam is so that it requires rigorous preparations from the side of the aspirant. It requires you to have proper study material to cover various topics. The paper requires both analytical and factual knowledge of the candidate. We can never undermine the importance of tests for IAS Exam preparation. You can always solve previous years’ question papers.

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