IAS Prelims 2019: How to Prepare for Current Affairs?


IAS Prelims 2019: How to Prepare for Current Affairs? Every student preparing for upcoming UPSC (CSE) 2019 examination is very much aware of the importance of current affairs in their exam as well as interview. If you are not one such student or aspirant, you must understand the value of Current Affairs as a crucial subject and not neglect it. Also, current affair is a vast subject which requires daily preparation. So, the question arises, “how to prepare for current affairs section?” Here are some tips that can help with your preparation.

IAS Prelims 2019: How to Prepare for Current Affairs?

Although, you must have read a lot of tips to prepare current affairs for UPSC (CSE) 2019 examination, however, if you are still here, it only means that you haven’t found the best ways. Well, after reading these tips, you can be sure to prepare for current affairs without reading any more blogs on the web. Here are a few essential tips:

Make A Habit of Reading or Watching Daily Current Affairs

If you are preparing particularly for current affairs it is essential for you to stay updated on a daily basis. In case you feel that watching news channels or even listening to radio is a tedious task, then you can opt for the following:

-Watch Sorted Current affairs on OnlineTyari YouTube Channel

-Read Sorted Current affairs on OnlineTyari App

-Listen to Sorted Current Affairs on SoundCloud

If you do any of three, then you will stay updated with all the daily current affairs of the day and wouldn’t have to bother sorting out important current affairs. Many students who have previous appeared in government exams have found all three sources of current affairs from OnlineTyari very useful. They have even claimed that many questions have appeared in their exams from either one or the other source of current affairs from OnlineTyari.

Read A Newspaper on a Daily Basis

Another optimum source for preparing current affairs on a daily basis is your daily newspaper. Although, it shows you the most important current affairs of the past day, however, you can still make good use of it. But it is really crucial for you to select only one preferred newspaper of your choice. Why? If you are not following current affairs on OnlineTyari, you will probably have to prepare for it on your own. Also, reading more number of newspapers will consume more amount of time. This will, in turn, lead you to focus only on current affairs and leave you less time for your other subjects. Therefore, I would personally advise you to prepare current affairs from a since newspaper, preferably “The Hindu”.

Apart from this, you should also follow the following websites:

yojana.gov.in – Download Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines.

pib.nic.in – Press Information Bureau Website, for government updates.

prsindia.org – PRS Website for tracking bills in Parliament.

idsa.in – IDSA website for Defense and Foreign relations.

gatewayhouse.in – Indian Council for Global relations.

envfor.nic.in – Ministry of Environment and Forests.

mea.gov.in – Ministry of External Affairs.

indiabudget.nic.in – Download Budget and Economic Survey.

ptinews.com – Press Trust of India.

pdgroup.upkar.in – Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine.

Also, read magazines like Yojana and Kurukshetra along with Economic Survey and India Year Book.

Make Your Own Notes

Like I mentioned earlier, it is crucial for you to sort important current affairs of the day on your own if you are not watching or listening to current affairs from OnlineTyari. However, it is more important for you to also make your own notes when you are sorting current affairs on your own. (This can be avoided using methods given in Step-1)

Avoid Mugging Current Affairs

If you mug up current affairs, there will always be a tendency of forgetting them in the actual exam. However, if you just understand the sequence (or advancements) made in each topic of current affairs, you will not only remember it but will also be able to deliver an effective answer in the exam.

I hope these tips come handy to you while preparing for the Current Affairs section of UPSC (CSE) 2019 examination. Wish you all the very best for your examination. If you liked these tips, do drop in your comments in the comment box.

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