Best Books on Indian Polity for IAS Prelims 2018

Best Books on Indian Polity for IAS Prelims 2018

Indian Polity Best Books: Let us all agree that the selection process of IAS is extremely tough. Yet, the internet provides access to unlimited study resources like eBooks, Mock Test Series, and Question Banks. Hence, the option of self-study can work in your favour provided you have the Best Books on Indian Polity for IAS Prelims 2018. Also, You need to be extremely vigilant while selecting the study material and books for UPSC IAS Preliminary Recruitment Examination.

The objective of this article is to guide all IAS Aspirants in selecting the Best Books on Indian Polity for IAS Prelims 2018. We have also written previously about Best Books on History & Geography.


Best Books on Indian Polity for IAS Prelims

There are thousands of books which are available for IAS Exam Preparation but most of them are not accurate or lack the necessary content required for cracking such a competitive examination.

While we have recommended NCERT Books for IAS Exam Preparation, you need to add more study material in order to crack the exam successfully. UPSC Aspirants get confused with hundreds of books available for various topics.

While there are many factors that are taken into consideration for selecting Best Books on Indian Polity for IAS Prelims 2018, we recommend you to look into these.

IAS Prelims Best Books on Indian Polity

Suggested by elite exam experts, these books will definitely help in improving your knowledge on various topics related to Indian Polity for IAS Prelims 2018 Exam Preparation.

1. Magbook Indian Polity & Governance

Prepare for IAS Prelims 2018 Indian Polity Topics with this unique combination of a magazine and book called the ‘Magbook’. The present Magbook for Indian Polity & Governance covers all detailed and conceptual aspects of Indian Polity & Governance per the official syllabus of UPSC. This book covering the Indian Polity & Governance in depth has been divided into 25 chapters namely Constitutional Development, Salient Features of Indian Constitution, The Preamble, The Union & Its Territory, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles Of State Policy & Fundamental Duties, Union Executive, Parliament, The Judiciary, State Government, Union-States Relations, Elections, Political Parties & Pressure Groups, Public Service Commissions, Languages, Emergency Provisions, Scheduled & Tribal Areas, Panchayats & Municipalities, Constitutional, Statutory, Non-Statutory Institutions, Governance, Public Policy in India, Right Issues in India, Amendment of the Constitution and Constitutional Provisions Regarding UTs, States with Special Status and Tribunals, each containing detailed theory about various aspects of the Indian Polity & Governance System.Each chapter in the book contains an ample number of solved problems which have been designed on the lines of questions asked in previous years’ Civil Services Examinations. At the end of each chapter, practice exercises have also been provided. The book extensively covers relevant provisions of Indian Constitution & Political System in a systematic approach. The book incorporates detailed discussion including pros
and cons of recently passed and proposed bills as well as in-depth analysis of National and Social issues with an added emphasis on Policy Formulation and Implementation and significant judicial pronouncements relevant to various issues articulated therein.

2. Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth (TMH)

Master the subject of Indian Polity with the 5th Edition of ‘Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination’ by M. Laxmikanth. books on the subject and has been a consistent bestseller for many years. It has become a must-read book for aspirants appearing in various competitive examinations, especially the civil services examinations. The wide range and scope of issues that it covers also make it valuable to postgraduates, research scholars, academics and general readers who are interested in the country’s political, civil and constitutional issues. This new edition has seven new chapters added, along with four new appendices. The extant chapters have been completely revised and updated with recent developments.

3. Wizard Indian Polity & Constitution

Get a detailed account of the various aspects of Indian Polity in IAS Prelims 2018 Examination with this concise book. You get access to both easy as well as challenging questions which might be asked in actual IAS Exam. Start with the basics and race to the top with this amazing book on Indian Polity and Constitution by Wizard. This book will definitely be a fine addition to your IAS Prelims Study Material.

These were some of the Best Books on Indian Polity for IAS Prelims which you can order from our online store. If you wish to prepare for IAS Prelims 2018 online, here are some of our recommendations.

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We hope these IAS Exam Best Books gives you both direction as well as motivation to prepare in right manner. Let us know if you have any doubts or queries in the comments section below. All the Best for UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination 2018.

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