IB ACIO Notice 2017: 4 Questions Declared Wrong, Tier I marks reduced to 96

IB ACIO Notice 2017: 4 Questions Declared Wrong, Tier I marks reduced to 96

IB ACIO Notice 2017: As you are aware, on 15th October 2017, IB conducted its first round of recruitment process i.e MHA IB ACIO Tier I 2017 for the post of Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO). Some Students raised an issue regarding the incorrect questions asked in the exam.

The authority has now taken a step in favour of all those students who raised this issue, IB has cancelled evaluation of four questions which are Question No. 2, 24, 25 and 78. Click on the link below to read the official notice.


IB ACIO Notice 2017: Tier I marks reduced to 96

All candidates, who appeared in ACIO­ Examination (Tier ­I) held on 15.10.2017, are hereby informed that due to printing errors in options of Question Nos. 2, 24, 25 & 78, these questions will not be evaluated. Read here the official notice:

IB ACIO Notice 2017: Click here!

“The good news is that the above-mentioned  questions  will  not  be  evaluated  and  the candidates will  be  shortlisted  for  next  level  on  the  basis  of  their performance on remaining questions only (96).”

Question 2: In a Company the average income of all the employees is Rs. 20000 per month.Recently the company announced increment of Rs. 2000 per month for all the employees. The new average income of all the employees is?

Question 24: In a Palace, supplies are available for 35 days for only 75 people. 15 guests arrive in the palace for vacation on day 1. For how many days will these supplies be sufficient for all these people?

Question 25: If Difference between compound interest & Simple Interest on a certain amount of money for 2 yrs @ 5 % p.a is Rs. 122. Find the sum?

Question 78: Identify the correct pair:

  • Elude: Dodge
  • Allude: Escape
  • Forbear
  • Latter AfterwardsMHA IB ACIO Answer Key 2017: Match Your Answers
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  1. We lost our time solving these questions..that not fair..even the exam center wasted our time giving out OMR sheet at 10:05..MHA should consider this exam strictly..if they don’t believe please check on their class CCTV footage..
    This Exam lost our hope…

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