IB Junior Intelligence Officer Job Profile, Salary, Career

IB Junior Intelligence Officer Job Profile, Salary, Career

IB Junior Intelligence Officer Job Profile, Salary, Career: The Ministry of Home Affairs announced over 320 vacancies for the post of Junior Intelligence Officer in the Intelligence Bureau.  The online registration started from 3rd September 2016 and will close on 24th September 2016.

In order to keep you motivated for the exam, we have come up with this article focusing on IB Junior Intelligence Officer Job Profile, Roles and Responsibilities, Pay Scale, Career Prospects, Growth, Opportunities etc.


IB Junior Intelligence Officer Job Profile

The Intelligence Bureau mainly works for the internal security of the country. The IB is officially under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The IB operates at 2 levels-

  • State level
  • National level

It is responsible for handling issues of terrorism, counter-intelligence, VIP security, threat assessment and sensitive areas. Thus, the working of IB is very secretive and largely speculative.

The rank of a junior officer is a Group ‘C’ post of the IB. The job of a Junior Intelligence Officer in the IB is very challenging job which demands great responsibility, efforts, sacrifices and innumerable skills. Both physical and mental efficiency and capability of the candidate is going to come into play for this job.

A candidate needs to undergo extensive training, on both the grounds to ensure maximum proficiency. So, before applying one need to know all the details relevant to this job. So, to help you to overcome all your fears and worries, we are going to discuss about all the vital and primitive aspects regarding the IB junior intelligence officer job profile, salary and further career prospects.


IB Junior Intelligence Officer: How to get recruited?

First, let’s have a look at the selection process for IB Junior Intelligence Officer. The recruitment is a two-level process on the basis of which a candidate is selected. The 2 stages are,

  1. Written Examination: It comprises of 2 papers, Paper I is an objective type paper, whereas Paper II is descriptive in nature.
  2. Trade Test: This test is practical and technical in nature related to the job profile.

A candidate will only be selected for the job if he/she is able to clear both the tests. After this, the selected candidates are subjected to complete their character and antecedent verification followed by a medical examination.


IB Junior Intelligence Officer Job Profile: Roles & Responsibilities

After a candidate qualifies the exam, he/she has to undergo a training period. This is mandatory as whatever they learn during this period is what will help them develop a distinctive set of skills. This gives them an added benefit in facing all the upcoming tasks and to fulfill their duties with full devotion.


Initially, the candidate has to undergo physical training with a routine that comprises of a lot of running and exercising. This is mainly done to make the candidates fit and healthy. The time period for training is 2 months. The second phase of training is mostly theoretical where seniors deliver lectures in classes to prepare the recruits mentally also. This period also continues for 2 months.

Job Posting

After the initial training, the recruits are assigned jobs where they get to know themselves better, as they get to work in an environment, where they are going to face very tough circumstances. This prepares the recruits for the worst-case scenario. Every officer is allotted a particular district/state and is sent to that particular place. This allotment is completely random. Some recruits may get border areas, mainland while others might be posted to cities, towns or villages.

On the job training

Each place has its own issues like terrorism, security, naxalism, narcotics, goons, etc. Every recruit is expected to create his/her work profile of the place he/she is posted to and to analyze the ongoing or any other possible threats that can prove to be harmful for that particular place and to work on them. Each recruit will be working under the guidance of a mentor who will lead them thoroughly on how to work under such conditions.

Work Profile

The recruits who cross all these stages stay with IB organization for the rest of their career. The actual training begins here. The recruits undergo unconventional and proper training in espionage, infiltration, advanced intelligence collection. The skills that the recruits develop at this stage are far progressive.

Spontaneity and Risk Handling

Being an IB officer, risk is always going to follow the recruit wherever he/she may go. They need to act spontaneously to the situation and handle it wisely or the situation may pose a threat to their well-being. The recruits need to have social skills, must be alert at all times of the operation. They must know how to manage or overcome any possible danger that can be hazardous to the society or themselves.


IB Junior Intelligence Officer Job Profile Salary

The basic pay scale for a junior intelligence officer lies in the range Rs.5,200- Rs.20,000 with a grade pay of Rs.2400. They are also entitled to major set of perks and allowances such as

  • Dearness Allowance
  • HRA depending upon the City
  • Special Allowance
  • Medical Allowance

Hence, with the added perks and bonus packages, the salary of junior intelligence officers is quite attractive.  Let us move to a very crucial section, which will help in outlining a career path as a junior intelligence officer.


IB Junior Intelligence Officer Career Prospects

In IB Junior Intelligence Officer, the career prospect is quite extensive and adventurous. After serving for the physical training of 2 months, a candidate gets a full time job as a junior intelligence officer.

Generally, IB junior intelligence officer get the following promotions:

  • ACIO-II to ACIO-I: 3-4 Years (By Age 28)
  • ACIO-I to DCIO: 10 Years (By Age 38-40)

Junior Intelligence Officers carry out actual safety operations in their respective posting place. They are also given their home states as cadres. IB junior intelligence officers also coordinate with the police force and army to serve the country better.

  • The candidates can also write exams for various departmental exams, like CRPF, SPG, RAW, Airport protection, etc.
  • The candidates may even get opportunity to work in a foreign country.

Thus, we can conclude, that IB junior intelligence officer job profile is quite desirable for all those aspiring to serve their country for a noble cause and to have a secure future for themselves and their families.

We hope that this article gave you adequate information and aided in guiding you through the basic features about the IB Junior Intelligence Officer Job Profile. Stay connected for more information regarding IB Recruitment 2016. To excel in Recruitment Exams, download the Best Exam Preparation App for free.

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