IBPS Clerk Job Profile, Salary, Perks, Career Prospects

IBPS Clerk Job Profile, Salary, Perks, Career Prospects

IBPS Clerk Job Profile, Salary, Perks, Career Prospects: IBPS CWE Clerk VII Recruitment Examination will be held in the month of December this year and a lot of candidates have submitted their IBPS Clerk Application Form online. Being one of the most preferred career choices in the field of Banking, a rather large number of candidates appear for the written examination.http://blog.onlinetyari.com/ibps-clerk/ibps-clerk-notification-2017-complete-info

If you happen to be one of those, we suggest you read this article in detail as it outlines IBPS Clerk Job Profile, Roles, and Responsibilities as well as the Salary offered by Public Sector Banks to Clerical Officers and Career Opportunities.


IBPS Clerk Job Profile: Roles & Responsibilities

IBPS Clerk is definitely one of the most popular bank recruitment examinations of the country. Every Year, there is a rather large proportion of candidates who appear for IBPS CWE Clerk VII Recruitment Examination in the hopes of making it through the rigorous selection process.

IBPS Clerk 2017: How to get Recruited?

The Recruitment Process for getting hired as a Bank Clerk in a PSB involves qualifying in both of the written exams. A candidate needs to crack IBPS Clerk Prelims first and then move onto to Mains Examination. The Final Merit List is based on your scores achieved in Mains Examination only as the Preliminary Examination is held on a qualifying basis.

Once you are done with that, we can move forward towards IBPS Clerk Job Profile, Roles, and Responsibilities.

IBPS Clerk Job Profile

IBPS Clerk is an entry-level job position in a Bank. But, it is also considered as one of the most crucial ones. Bank Clerks are supposed to be the first set of people you interact in a Bank. They help in guiding you through various processes and assist you in performing simple tasks. Hence, even being an entry-level job, it is a prominent one.

The job description of a Bank Clerk is not limited to a single type of duty/ assignment like in accounting/ technology. As a Clerical Officer, your major roles and responsibilities will be the following.

  • Banking Document Verification
  • Manning Single Window Counter from time to time
  • Clearing and Transferring Cheques and Receipts as per request
  • Issue Cash Receipts at Counters
  • Verification of Vernacular Signatures and identifying discrepancies, if any
  • Attending to Government Treasury Work
  • Update Pass Books of Account Holders

Hence, an IBPS Clerk gets to work on a number of job profiles and hone multiple skills throughout a long career. The job can be challenging at times and the work pressure may get excessive but all this should be taken in a learning spirit. Only then can a person enjoy the work life on a Bank Clerk.


IBPS Clerk Salary, Perks, Allowances 

There is a fixed salary (basic pay) as well as a certain level of perks and allowances which are entitled to a Bank Clerk in PSBs. The Salary Breakdown is usually done in the following manner.

Rs. 11765 – (655×3) – 13730 – (815×3) – 16175 – (980×4) – 20095 – (1145×7) – 28110 – (2120×1) – 30230 – (1310×1) – 31540

The Basic Pay Scale of Bank Clerk usually ranges between Rs 11,765 – Rs 42,020 and the major set of perks of allowances are as follows.

  • Dearness Allowance (39.4% of Basic)
  • HRA depending upon the City (7-9% of the Basic)
  • Special Allowance (7.5% for Clerks)
  • Medical Allowance

After the 10th Bipartite Wage Settlement of 2015, a bank clerk is entitled to get a salary of Rs 21,990 with an in-hand salary of Rs 19,461. Hence, with the added perks and bonus package, the salary of Bank Clerk is quite good compared to most jobs at the same level in various industries.

The 11th Bipartite Wage Settlement is yet to come & is expected to be effective from November 1, 2017. Let us move to a very crucial section, which will help in outlining a career path as a Bank Clerk.


IBPS Clerk Career Prospects 

As explained earlier, an IBPS Clerk or a Bank Clerk, in particular, is an entry-level position. After a 6 month probation period, a candidate gets confirmed as a full-time clerk in a Public Sector Bank.

There are broadly two career paths which can be taken by an IBPS Clerk to further their areas of opportunity.

1. Promotion based on Education/ Internal Examination

IBPS Clerk is a clerical post. Hence, most bank aspirants aim towards a shift towards officer post. For that, there are basically 2 ways.

  • Pursue a Post Graduation Degree like MBA to improve your learning horizon and the bank will consider moving you to an officer post based on your educational qualification.
  • Appear for Internal Examination as they are the most effective method of getting promoted to a higher post.

2. Regular Increment at Clerical Position

If you wish to continue your career as a clerical position in a Public Sector Bank, you’ll be entitled to regular salary increment. Your salary will increase as per banking norms and conditions but you’ll still remain in the Clerical Cadre.

Hence, depending on your career preference, you can aim for any path. SBI Clerk also happens to be an immensely popular career choice. Although apart from a few aspects, the job profile of an SBI Clerk is not so different compared to an IBPS Clerk.

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We hope this article helps you understand what it is like to be a Clerical Officer. Stay connected for more information regarding IBPS Clerk Recruitment 2017. To excel in Bank Examinations, download the Best IBPS Clerk Exam Preparation App for free.

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