IBPS Clerk Mains 2015: Exam Review and Expected Cutoff


IBPS Clerk Mains was successfully conducted for the recruitment of clerk posts in public sector bank. A large number of aspirants applied and appeared for the examination which was held across various examination centers. OnlineTyari in association with Luminous Point will provide a detailed analysis of IBPS Clerk Mains 2015.


The Examination Paper consisted of 200 Questions comprising of 5 sections, which were, Mathematics, Reasoning, English, General Awareness and Computer Knowledge. All the questions carried equal weightage. Each Section has 40 Questions each.


IBPS Clerk Mains 2015: Full Exam Review and Analysis 

IBPS Clerk Mains 2015 Full Exam Analysis
Overall the exam was Moderate. Out of all the sections, the Reasoning and Computer section was easy and scoring and General Awareness, Mathematics & English Language section were easy to moderate. Here is the detailed analysis of IBPS Clerk V 2015-16 Mains Exam.

 Name of the Section   Optimal Time during IBPS Clerk Mains Exam 
 Reasoning Ability  30-35 mins
 English Language  20-25 mins
 Quantitative Aptitude  40-45 mins
 Computer Knowledge  10-15 mins
 General Knowledge  10-15 mins


1. IBPS Clerk Mains 2015: Reasoning Ability 

This year, Reasoning Ability was an absolute scoring section. The level of difficulty was fairly easy. While Inequality-based questions needed a little time to solve, syllogism and linear arrangement questions could be solved by inspection alone. Coding and Decoding based questions were nowhere to be found.  

Level – Easy to Moderate

  • Syllogism – 5 Qs. 
  • Linear Arrangement – 5 Qs. 
  • Puzzle – 5 Qs. 
  • Alpha-numeric series – 5 Qs.
  • Data Sufficiency – 5 Qs.
  • Blood Relation and Direction Sense – 5 Qs.
  • Inequality – 5 Qs.
  • Seating Arrangement – 5 Qs.

Optimal Questions Attempt or Good Attempt Score: 28-33


2. IBPS Clerk Mains 2015: English Language

As usual, Cloze Test and Fill in the Blanks were easy. Reading Comprehension were a bit time consuming and the level of difficulty was moderate. Sentence Improvement and Parajumbles were comparatively easy. Overall, English Language Section of IBPS Clerk Mains 2015 was a little lengthy. 

Level – Easy to Moderate

  • Reading Comprehension – 10 Qs. 
  • Cloze Test – 10 Qs. 
  • Parajumbles – 5 Qs. 
  • Sentence Improvement – 5 Qs.
  • Spotting Error – 5 Qs.
  • Fill in the Blank – 5 Qs.

Optimal Questions Attempt or Good Attempt Score: 25-30


3. IBPS Clerk Mains 2015: Quantitative Aptitude

Keeping up with the General IBPS Trend, Quantitative Aptitude had a mixture of moderate to challenging questions. Simplification and Data Interpretation based questions were time-consuming. Number Series had a few questions which were confusing to a number of candidates. Arithmetic and Algebra based Questions were straightforward and surprisingly, no questions were asked on Quadratic Equations and Data Sufficiency. 

Level – Moderate

  • Number Series – 5 Qs.
  • Data Interpretation – 5 Qs.
  • Simplification – 10 Qs.
  • Miscellaneous – 20 Qs.

Miscellaneous Questions consist of questions from different topics such as – Profit loss, Average, SI & CI, Ratio & Proportion, Time & Work, Time, Speed & Distance, Boats & Streams, etc.

Optimal Questions Attempt or Good Attempt Score: 22-27


4. IBPS Clerk Mains 2015: Computer Knowledge

Computer Knowledge Section will help in improving overall score. The questions were mostly elementary. Even if you have a basic understanding of computer systems, you can score well in this section of IBPS Clerk Mains 2015. 

Level – Easy

  • Hardware – 6 Qs.
  • Software – 5 Qs.
  • Internet – 4 Qs.
  • Networking – 3 Qs.
  • Operating system – 2 Qs.
  • Others – 9 Qs.
  • Memory – 4 Qs.
  • Binary Code – 1 Qs.
  • MS Office – 6 Qs.

Optimal Questions Attempt or Good Attempt Score: 30-32


5. IBPS Clerk Mains 2015: General Awareness

If you are not confident with your level of preparation, perhaps ease down in this section. General Awareness had a number of questions on Books and Authors, Currencies, Important Places, Awards, Headquarters, Prime Ministers Schemes, Important Days etc. The overall difficulty level of questions was moderate.

Level – Moderate

  • Banking – 15 Qs.
  • General Awareness and Static GK – 25 Qs.

Optimal Questions Attempt or Good Attempt Score: 17-21


IBPS Clerk Mains Expected Cutoff 2015

Compiling data from previous years exams, we have come up with an expected cutoff score. This is not an official score. But we gather a candidate will require a score in this bracket in order to get recruited by IBPS.

We will discuss the IBPS Clerk Mains Expected Cutoff 2015 in the following sections.

  1. IBPS Clerk Mains 2015 Section-Wise Expected Cutoff
  2. IBPS Clerk Mains 2015 State-Wise Expected Cutoff

Let us have a look at it and see how much your scores add up to.


IBPS Clerk Mains Expected Section-wise Cutoff 2015

Name of the Section   General  SC/ ST/ OBC
 Reasoning  8-10  6-8
 Quantitative Aptitude  7-11  5-7
 English Language  10-13  9-12
 General Awareness  12-14  10-12
 Computer Knowledge  9-13  8-11


IBPS Clerk Mains Expected State-wise Cutoff 2015

State  General ST SC OBC
  Andhra Pradesh  122-125  50-53   57-59  60-70
  West Bengal  130-133  55-60  68-72  70-80
  Uttarakhand  125-130  61-68  69-72  74-80
  Uttar Pradesh  135-138  75-82  78-84 102-110
  Tripura  75-90   53-62  55-60  60-70
  Tamil Nadu  102-105   57-62   63-72   67-75
  Sikkim   70-80  N.A.  50-60  52-62
  Rajasthan  120-126  70-80  60-70   72-80
  Punjab  114-117  N.A.  72-80  73-80
  Pondicherry  75-90   N.A.  57-63  60-70
  Odisha  128-132  63-70  70-80  70-80
  Andaman & Nicobar  83-86  45-55  57-63  50-60
  Arunachal Pradesh  65-70   60-70  63-67  N.A.
  Assam   105-108 58-65  60-70  63-75
  Bihar   133-138  70-80  80-85  82-90
  Chandigarh   120-125   N.A.  60-70  60-70
  Chattisgarh   118-121  60-70  60-70  68-75
  Dadra & Nagar Haveli   50-60  45-52   N.A.   N.A.
  Daman & Diu   43-52   N.A.   N.A.   N.A.
  Goa   60-70  43-50  45-55  60-70
  Gujarat   89-92  63-70  70-80  69-75
  Haryana   118-122  N.A.  65-68  71-68
  Himachal Pradesh   115-118  60-70  60-70   75-80
  Jammu & Kashmir   122-127  55-65  60-70  57-80
  Jharkhand   119-123   70-80  63-70  70-80
  Karnataka  92-96  55-65  55-65  75-80
  Kerala  125-130  58-62  65-75  70-80
  Lakshadweep   N.A.  40-50   N.A.   N.A.
  Madhya Pardesh  119-124  60-70  75-65  69-75
  Maharashtra   91-93  50-60   66-75   75-83
  Manipur  70-80   55-65   N.A.  63-79
  Meghalaya   70-80   55-65   N.A.   N.A.
  Mizoram  50-60   50-60  N.A.  N.A.
  Nagaland  60-70  60-70  N.A.  N.A.
  New Delhi 122-127  60-70  70-80  100-110

Did you make the final cut? Have some doubts?

Let us know in the comments section below.


All the Best to all IBPS Aspirants!


    • Hello Veeresh,

      The result will be out by 3rd week of January.
      Sectional cutoff has been mentioned above. Please check.

    • Hello Pinku,

      Your scores are good enough to make the final cut. We still have to wait for the actual results.
      All the Best.

  1. By seeing this expected cutoff i am really very scared
    I’ve done 169 questions with 90% accuracy in computer and English.. What’s my chance?

    • Hello Neelam,

      We would like to inform you that this is not the official cutoff score.
      This is just our estimate score.

      Have faith as you’ve performed well as per your mentioned scores.

    • Hello Raji, we have added the section-wise cutoff for IBPS Clerk Mains 2015 in the last section of this blog post. Please refer the information provided there.

    • For SSC Group C AND D Jobs, Interviews have been cancelled.
      IBPS is still in process of making the final decision.

      We will inform once we get full confirmation from reliable sources.

  2. Sir IBPS still now not announced the cancellation of interview. How can we confirm that interview will not happen. Clerk 5 notified in 2014. please clear my doubt

  3. Hello sir i appeared for IBPS Cleark from Assam n I attempt 119 with 80-90℅ accuracy… What do u think? Is there any Chance for me ?

  4. A big thanks to online taiyari..it helped a lot for the prepration of current affairs…thanks a lot to the team of online taiyari…keep going as ur team are doing best …thankssssssss a lot

    • Hello Gabbita,

      We have updated the article.
      The expected cutoff is calculated keeping in mind a number of variables – like the total number of candidates attempting IBPS Exam, Previous Year’s Cutoff and Difficulty Level of the Paper.
      Hence, we can only provide an estimated figure. The result will be out in a few days and judging by your score, you do have a good chance of cracking IBPS Clerk Mains 2015.

      All the Best.

  5. sir ,i m from karntak gen category,,i attempted 162 questions ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if i get 145 in mains is der any chance to get provisional allottemnt?
    usuallly cut off will be less in karnatak

    • Yes, the cutoff is usually on the lower side for your state.
      Please refer to state-wise cutoff mentioned above in the article.

    • Hello Raju,

      We’ve updated the state-wise expected cutoff list for IBPS Clerk Mains 2015.
      Please refer to the last section of this article.

  6. first case-
    according to me maximum attempt by student (including me ) falls between 130-180 with 90% accuracy as most student said.
    so, average =(130+180)/2
    =155 or (150-160)
    so cutoff(with accuracy)=90%of155
    =139.5 or (134.5-144.5)
    hence cuttoff with exact marks is 139.5 or marks lie between 134.5 and 144.5.

    second case-
    according to my senses and after exam thought with various students the attempt are-
    general awareness-30
    english- 28
    total attempt=162
    so average accuracy=(85+93)/2
    so,cuttoff(with accuracy)=(89/100)of162
    hence cutoff with exact marks may be 144.18
    but to my assessment cutooff will go high if there is no interview as-
    ( no. of interviewer) inversely proportional to (cutoff)
    hope i got wrong and cutoff goes low……..gud luk

    • Wow!

      We must say this is probably the most insightful comment we ever received.
      Your analysis is quite well-thought. But we all have to still wait for the actual cutoff list by IBPS.

      All the Best.

    • Hello Geetika,

      Nothing is fixed. We can only provide an estimate.
      Please follow our updates to get the latest cutoff list.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I’ve attempt 181 qustions (Maths Reasoning & Computer 100% Attempt and GA 32 and English 29 ) 85-90 % accuracy..
    What will be my results..?

    • We all have to wait for the official results Punit.
      As far as the expected cutoff is concerned, you can check that from our article above.

  8. Am from andhra.. attempts are 170.
    Reasoning 40 (95% accurate)
    Quant 30 (100% acurate)
    English 30 (90% acurate)
    Computers 37 (90% acurate) and finally
    GA 33 (40% acurate).

    To my estimate depending on the acuracy and instructed negative marking strategy, i got 134 marks as an estimated score.

    But i do still have a doubt whether i get qualified in GA or not. I got 11.75 based on reviewing the answrs.

    Need ur sugestions friends.

    And one of my doubts is… what is FDI country. Whether singapore or mauritius???

  9. By Pushpendra
    dear sir,
    I have attempted 40 question in English and 146 others in which 146 will be 100% accuracy but English I don’t no…what’s my chance…

    • Hello Pushpendra,

      Your overall score will not consider marks from English.
      For state-wise cutoff, refer to the table above.

  10. one more possibility (if IBPS doesnt take any interview) is that they can increase the sectional cut offs by 4-5 marks.. and in that way they can eliminate a lot of students. my chances are very dim. attempted 158 with 90% accuracy.. from west bengal.. gen

    • Since we cannot be sure about anything as of now, it is best to think positively.
      You’ve scored well. That is all you need to know and believe for now.

      All the Best.

  11. hello sir
    i am SC candidate from U.P. and i had attempted 154 ques. in IBPS clerk main with 70% accuracy.
    What are my chances to qualify???????

  12. Good Afternoon Sir/Mam
    what is the cut off for ibps clerk v(without interview) for punjab state for sc category?
    i attempted 140 with 70% accuracy
    what is my chance to be selected.last year cut off is 77
    plz plz plz reply…………………

  13. Sir i attempted 162 i think in my overall attempts i did 16 mistakes. Iam from Andhrapradesh general category. What are my chances. So websites put 140-145 cutt off some one says 130-135. Please suggest my what are my chances in AP

  14. Hello sir I am from Telangana obc catogory my attemps were 150 with 100 % accuracy (except english 30 questions with 80% accuracy) can i hope for mains please tell me?

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