My IBPS PO Interview Experience: Swati Singh (4th February, 8.30 AM)

My IBPS PO Interview Experience: Swati Singh (4th February, 8.30 AM)

My IBPS PO Interview Experience: To culminate the recruitment processInstitute of Banking & Personnel Selection is conducting the IBPS PO Interview round for shortlisting candidates to various government Banks spread across the country. No matter how much score one has scored in IBPS PO Mains examination, it is necessary to qualify the interview round.

We at OnlineTyari are proud to help students/ candidates/ aspirants in preparing for various recruitment examinations like SSC, UPSC, NABARD, SBI, IBPS with the help of online mock tests, questions banks as well as e-Books. Hence, without further ado, let us go through IBPS PO Interview Experience by Swati Singh, an OnlineTyari user who shared her interview experience with us.


My IBPS PO Interview Experience: Swati Singh (4th February, Panel II)

Institute of Banking & Personnel Selection conducted the IBPS PO Interview round today. Here is the IBPS PO Interview experience shared by Swati Singh.

  • Name: Swati Singh
  • Date of Interview: 4th February (8.30 AM)
  • Panel: II
  • Venue: Bank of India, Staff Training College, B 32, Sector 62 Noida
  • Registration Number: 1470764332
  • Roll Number: 1560929042
  • Category: OBC

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The interview panel shot many questions and Swati was able to handle them efficiently. Here is her IBPS PO Interview experience in her own words:

I entered the interview room at 10.20 AM. There were 6 members in my interview panel, 5 male members and 1 female member. I wished them Good Morning, they replied the same with a smile. They offered me a chair to sit, I thanked them.

(For your ease, we will denote the Male interviewers as M1, M2, M3, M4 & M5 and female interviewer as F1)

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Click here to try a few questions
M3: Hello Swati, Can you tell any important announcement from the Budget 2017?
Me: Income Tax has been reduced to 5% form 10% (Rs 2.5 lakh and 5 lakh slab)
M2: Tell me some primary functions of RBI?
Me: To control the supply of money in the economy, to control inflation & growth, to make use of certain tools like CRR, SLR, Repo Rate , to issue notes etc
M2: All Notes?
Me: Yes, except 1 rs Note.
M5: Who issues 1 rs Note then?
Me: Ministry of Finance.
F1: Donald trump, the current US president belongs to which Party?
Me: Republican Party and Hillary Clinton belongs to Democratic party.
(Everyone Laughed)
F1 (Smiling): I didn’t ask about Hillary Clinton. Anyways, Are you in favour of or against Demonitization?
Me: It is helping India grow cashless. Also Black Money flow was curbed out during Demonitization.
F1: Has any country ever tried this process or India is the first country to do so?
Me: Many Countries like Australia, Myanmar, Nigeria has tried Demonitization.
M4 (Asking Question from my last Answer): What is the Capital of Nigeria?
Me: I am Sorry Sir, I don’t Know.
M5: What is CRR?
Me: Answered Properly.
F1: Ok Thank you Swati!
Me: I wished Everyone.

These were the main questions asked in my IBPS PO Interview round. Apart from these, they were also cross questioning me on the answers and facts and figures told by me. I felt they were testing the depth of my knowledge. My IBPS PO Interview lasted for around 20 minutes.

We would like to thank her on behalf of our readers for her contribution in helping other aspirants. Many like Swati have appeared for IBPS PO Interview this year and we are privileged to be their Online Mentor.

If you wish to share your story with us, please send your Name, Roll Number and Picture of your Call Letter to and we will contact you shortly.

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  1. Can u tell me the easiest way to reach bank of India staff training college as I have me interview scheduled on 7 Feb . 8:30 am.hoping for ur cooperation.

  2. It takes 7 minutes to travel from Noida City Center Metro Station to Bank Of India Staff Training College Sandipani B 32 Sector 62noida.

    Approximate driving distance between Noida City Center Metro Station and Bank Of India Staff Training College Sandipani B 32 Sector 62noida Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar is 6 kms

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