IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Analysis | 24th September Shift 2

IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Analysis | 24th September Shift 2

IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Analysis: Institute of Banking and Personnel Selection (IBPS) has continued the office assistant recruitment process by conducting IBPS Assistant Prelims today. IBPS has conducted IBPS Assistant Prelims exam today in various examination centers spread all over the country. We have already covered Shift-I of this examination in our previous article.

Today’s second shift (September 24) has come to an end and the candidates are now coming out of their respective centers. Let us look into it and analyze each and every section in detail. Along with the detailed exam analysis, we will also share the sectional and overall safe attempts for IBPS RRB Assistant Prelims 2017. Candidates appearing for IBPS RRB Assistant Preliminary Examination should really give this a thorough read.


IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Analysis | 24th September Shift 2

Continuing our series, this article entails IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Analysis, Paper Review and Level of Difficulty of each section asked in today’s preliminary examination i.e 24 September 2017 (Shift-II).

Before we begin our paper review, let us get some basics out first. As we all know, the exam was composed of 2 sections i.e. Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning Ability. The exam pattern in details is as follows.

Name of the Section   Number of Questions  Maximum Marks
 Reasoning Ability  40  40
 Quantitative Ability  40  40
 Total  80  80

The total time was 45 minutes. Hence, Speed, Accuracy, and Planning are surely needed to have the good number of attempts with maximum accuracy. As of today, IBPS Assistant Prelims paper’s overall level of difficulty was Easy to Moderate.

Proceeding further into detailed IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Analysis with Prelims section-wise paper review of each topic asked in today’s shift, we get

IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Analysis for Reasoning Section

  • Number of Good Attempts: 28-32
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Beginning our section-wise review of the paper with the reasoning section, the difficulty level of IBPS RRB Reasoning Section was Easy to ModerateCandidates found it scoring and the most simple one. Following are the discussion points given by students after giving the exam:

  • The difficulty level of puzzles was easy. One was floor based in which 7 Persons were sitting on different floors and they need to be arranged as per given information. In other one, persons were arranged in a linear sequence.
  • Coding decoding was little bit time consuming. Elements were coded and given in a box. The question was asked to find out a code of given word as per the conditions followed.
  • Syllogism and inequality was easy.

Example: Statement: NO

The topic-wise distribution was as follows

  • Sitting Arrangement – 10 Questions
  • Logical Syllogisms – 5 Questions
  • Coding-Decoding – 5 Questions
  • Mathematical Inequalities – 5 Questions
  • Alphabetical Series – 5 Questions
  • Miscellaneous – 10 Questions

Let us move to the next section i.e Quantitative Aptitude.

IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Analysis for Quant Section

  • Number of Good Attempts: 27-31
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Candidates who appeared for IBPS RRB Assistant Exam describe the difficulty level of Quantitative Aptitude to be Easy to Moderate. Following are the discussion points given by students after giving the exam:

  • Number series was easy to attempt (Based on sequential Differences, squares)
  • Simplification covers  topics like Squares, square roots, cubes, addition, division, etc. It was easy to solve but little bit time consuming
  • Data interpretation questions were based on Table graph. Less calculative questions were asked.
  • The overall difficulty level of miscellaneous questions was easy. Simplification based question


The topic-wise distribution is as follows

  • Simplification – 15 Questions (3 Sets of Questions)
  • Data Interpretation (Bar Graph) – 5 Questions
  • Miscellaneous (Profit and Loss, Percentage, Average, Partnership, Problem on Ages, Time/Distance and Speed- Boats and Trains) – 15 Questions
  • Number Series – 5 Questions

IBPS RRB Assistant Questions asked (24 September, Shift 2)

  • Find X [414 + (280% of 45)]-x = 360
  • If A and B Completes the work in 24 days, and A and C individually do the work in 60 and 45 days respectively, so what is the difference between B’s and C’s work?
  • 234 162 108 72 48 ?
  • 100 52 28 16 10 ?
  • 108 71 46 30 20 ?
  • 144 140 148 132 164 ?
  • 295 294 286 259 195 ?

Any candidate with a good grasp on the subject could have scored well in the section. Based on our calculations, we assume a good attempt to be around 61-65 with maximum accuracy.

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We hope this article on IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Analysis has provided you some good insights on your performance. The paper review of the rest of shifts will also be updated shortly.IBPS RRB Assistant Expected Paper 2017 (Attempt Mock Test)

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