Improve English Language For IB Security Assistant 2018 Exam

Improve English Language For IB Security Assistant 2018 Exam

Improve the English Language For IB Security Assistant 2018 Exam: The Recruitment Examination for IB Security Assistant will be conducted in the coming months. IB will be selecting eligible candidates for the post of Security Assistant in the IB Department. A sum total of 1054 vacancies have to be filled this year.

Many of the Aspirants have started preparing for the same. In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks on the English Language For IB Security Assistant 2018 Exam.


Improve the English Language For IB Security Assistant 2018 Exam

Let us now provide you the pointers on how you can improve the English language section for the upcoming IB Security Assistant Exam 2018.

Grammar Rules

This play a major role in scoring good marks. After all questions like an error, fillers, sentence correction are based on the grammar rules. Learning all English Grammar Rules cant be possible in a day. For this, you need to learn one chapter in a day and practice questions on the same day. This will help you not only in learning the rule but also you will get an idea about how questions can be asked from that specific chapter. So, Start learning rules chapter wise and practice questions on them. There are some important cha[ters that you have to cover like Subject-verb agreement, noun, pronoun, articles, tenses etc

Work on your Vocabulary

Improve your vocabulary. For this start learning synonyms by writing at least 25 words daily in a notebook. writing merely words in a notebook won’t help unless you use tricks and tips to learn them. Follow your own strategy to develop the tricks. For Idioms, Phrases and One-word type questions it is important to learn and revise from time to time.

  • Idioms and Phrases: Try to understand the meaning and decipher by referring to the vocabulary words. But a figurative meaning can be different to a logical one. So, try to understand the context. You can also map them in your mind to retain it for a long time.
  • One-Word Substitution: Try to fill in all the given options and understand the meaning of the sentence and evaluate if it makes sense.
  • Spelling Correction: There is no formula to this, one can only master it by constant practice. Practice with the help of mock tests and question banks regularly.

Cloze Tests

  • Cloze Test is considered to be one of the easiest questions, only if attempted properly. Though it can prove to be complicated as one error can cost you a lot of marks as all the blanks that are to be filled are inter-related.
  • If you are confused or are unsure about any particular blank that you have to fill, just avoid it and go for the next one. If you are able to fill in the next blank, then you can come back to the previous one and try again by co-relating.

Books to refer

  • MB Publication: One word and idioms
  • Christopher Phoenix: Grammar rules
  • Christopher Phoenix: Synonyms/ Antonyms

Previous year papers

Go through previous year’s questions papers to get a gist of the pattern of questions asked. Solve at least two years question papers. You will become comfortable with the level of questions generally asked.

Mock Tests

As you all know, Time Management is the important factor of every competitive examination. Therefore, you need to work on your speed. For solving questions at a faster pace, you have to test yourself on a daily basis by practice Mock Test and Assessments. Keep practicing Mock Tests so you can track your performance regularly. Practice, Analysis, and Improvement combine together to get the desired score an IB Security aspirant desires.

Mock Test (Topic-wise)  No. of Tests  Links to Attempt
English Language 50 Click Here to Attempt

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