Improve General Awareness For IB Security Assistant 2018 Exam

Improve General Awareness For IB Security Assistant 2018 Exam

Improve General Awareness For IB Security Assistant 2018 Exam: Intelligence Bureau (IB) (Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India) is responsible for holding the Security Assistant examination.

As the notification is out, candidates are already in full swing for their preparation. Over here, we will try to lessen their burden by elaborating our article- How to Prepare for IB Security Assistant General Awareness Section.

Improve General Awareness For IB Security Assistant 2018 Exam

For IB Security Assistant Examination, the General Studies Section plays a very important role, mostly due to the fact that it is very scoring. For a well prepared JSSC candidate, it will take less than 2 seconds to answer the questions in the written examination. Before we talk about the tips and tricks on how to improve General awareness section let us provide you the important topics for the upcoming IB Security Assistant examination 2018.

Let us now provide you the pointers on how you can improve the general awareness section for the upcoming IB Security Assistant Exam 2018.

Current Affairs

  • Read at least one newspaper daily, as it will help in both GK and English Sectional Preparation.
  • Follow OnlineTyari site for Daily Updates on GK and the Current Affair. Get monthly digests prepared by our experts free for a period of 12 months.

Important Current Affairs

Books and author, govt scheme, sports, Awards, Important MOU, Important agreement between diff countries and India etc

  • Prepare notes of current affairs for the last three months of important news, economy news and corporate affairs and revise them to keep yourselves perfect in Static Portion
  • Solve the Previous Year’s Question Paper of IB Security Assistant as it helps one to know the type of questions asked and their difficulty level.
  • The questions asked in IB Security asked are a bit easy and direct. So, even with a rudimentary understanding of the basics, you can score good marks.

According to previous year paper, it has been analyzed that there will be more questions from current affairs rather than static G.K. We expect an attempt of 35+ questions with good accuracy as an adequate score in this section

Important Topics to Cover

Indian History

It is very rare that questions from World History have been asked, so there is no need to waste time on World History. Instead, concentrate on Medieval and Modern History. For this, you can refer to NCERT.

  • In Medieval history, the topics you must cover are: Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Dynasty
  • In Modern History cover all the important points related to the Advent of Europeans till India got freedom


There are two parts of Geography from where the questions are asked, these are – Indian Geography and Physical Geography. For covering basics, NCERT Books will be sufficient.

If you wish to cover more ground, we suggest you attempt the below given free mock test to know the type of questions asked in IB Security Assistant General Awareness Paper 1 Exams.

Indian Polity

Refer Lucent, as it will cover most of the topics asked under the banner of Polity. Generally, questions from fundamental rights, articles, amendments, the structure of government are asked.


Refer lucent, biology will cover the major portion of science. Around 4-5 questions will be asked from this section and rest will be from chemistry and physics. Basics questions will be asked till class X.

Important Books to be Followed

  • Polity – Lucent Publication.
  • History – NCERT
  • Geography – NCERT
  • Science – Lucent
  • Economics- basic terminology from Lucent

Attempt Mock Tests

IB Security Assistant cannot be cracked if you try to learn something new during the last days of your preparation time. What you should be doing right now is trying to attempt mock tests. When solving questions, you should always keep a track of time so as to how long did you take to solve that particular question followed by a series of other similar questions. Solve them in time 10% less than what would be given to you.

Mock Test (Topic-wise)  No. of Tests  Links to Attempt
General Awareness 54 Click Here to Attempt

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