Instagram Contest: Win Prizes Worth 5000+

Instagram Contest: Win Prizes Worth 5000+

Instagram Contest: Win Prizes Worth 5000+

Instagram Contest: Win Prizes Worth 5000+Imagine you are going to participate in a 200 meter race. Would you just show up for the race without preparing? Okay, so you’ll train. Would you start training the same week as your race? No, instead, you’ll start many months in advance – that is preparation

Here is a chance for you to be a winner, and practice to win rewards. Boost your knowledge!! Take part in #questionoftheday contest  that happens everyday at 5 PM.

Instagram Contests Criteria

  • Everyday at 5 PM
  • Result to be declared next day at 5 PM
  • One winner each every day

 Follow the Simple Steps

  1. Follow @online_tyari on Instagram
  2. Comment the right option
  3. Tag maximum number of friends

Rewards and Recognition

With our Success from our previous Instagram Contests we are getting such a good response from our users. For our Happy users we are announcing the launch of our exclusive plan, OnlineTyari PLUS. We have made it simpler than ever for you to get access to the plethora of Tests in our closet, just become a plus member and get scoring. Get access to 1000+ mock tests for 12 months worth 5000+

One Lucky winner gets a OnlineTyari PLUS membership for FREE

Instagram Contest winners


Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity!! Don’t wait for last minute join our Instagram today and win exciting prices

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