Introducing Test Dashboard on OnlineTyari App

Introducing Test Dashboard on OnlineTyari App

Introducing Test Dashboard on OnlineTyari App: Yes, you Heard it Right!! OnlineTyari has introduced test dashboard on App. Attempting any test is a 2-click process which displays the most relevant exam and it’s available tests as soon as you open the App. Here we will discuss how to use the test dashboard on Onlinetyari App. Scroll down for step by step guide!!


How to Use Test Dashboard on App

Well here is a quick guide or tour to help you out with the same. Check out some of our quick and easy steps to use the OT Dashboard on App

Step 1: Visit OnlineTyari App

Visit OnlineTyari App and click on the top button to select your exam.


Step 2: Start Test

Click on “Start Test” to kick-start your preparation


Step 3: Select The Correct Answer & Submit It

Once you click on ready you will be time bound and you will be given one hour time to finish the mock test. You have you select one correct answer from the four options provided. Keep moving to the next question until you go to the last question. Once you’ve answered all the questions. Click on the “submit” button to submit your report.


Step 4: Overall Analysis & Sectional Analysis

On the basis of your answers, a report will be prepared which will display Overall and sectional Analysis. You have the access to reattempt the test if you wish to. Reattempting the test will help you increase your score


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