JSSC CGL Study Plan and Preparation Guide 2016

JSSC CGL Study Plan and Preparation Guide 2016

JSSC CGL Study Plan and Preparation Guide 2016: The Combined Graduate Level(CGL) Exam is controlled and organized by the Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission(JSSC). It is one of the most prestigious exams out of all the public sector related exams that are conducted across the state of Jharkhand.

This year around 5 lakh applicants have applied for the same. The exam date is looming closer day by day and not even a month is left for the exam to take place. The candidates must gear up and start preparing for the exam by following a systematic approach during the last few weeks.

We are here to provide you ample guidance on subject-wise preparation tips and an exam-oriented approach that will prove to be very beneficial to help the candidates succeed in their endeavor. By the medium of this article, we are going to give you a proper JSSC CGL study plan and preparation tips to ensure your good marks in your exam. But first, Let us discuss the pattern for the JSSC CGL preliminary exam.


Jharkhand SSC Prelims Exam Pattern 2016

The Jharkhand SSC CGL exam consists of 6 subjects carrying a total of 450 marks. The time duration to attempt the exam is 2 hours (120 minutes). The exam will be MCQ objective type in nature.



Total Questions

Total Marks

Time Allotted

1. General Studies



120 minutes
2. Jharkhand General Knowledge



3. General Mathematics



4. General Science



5. Mental Ability



6. Computer Knowledge






To know more about the complete exam pattern and syllabus for JSSC CGL 2016, follow this link. Now, let’s head to some important tips to keep in mind while preparing for JSSC CGL.


Important Tips to Crack JSSC CGL 2016

Before heading to a proper JSSC CGL study plan, there are a few things which you should keep in mind. We have formulated a few important tips to help you in your preparation to successfully crack the JSSC CGL exam.

  • The candidates need to focus and always study with a calm and composed mind. Before starting with anything, we recommend all the candidates to analyze previous year test papers and try to find questions and topics that are asked frequently.
  • Also, try not to spend more than 2-3 days for each subject.
  • The time allotted for 150 questions is 120 minutes, which means a candidate has an average of 48 seconds per question to analyze, attempt and answer which is very less. So, the candidate must work on his/her speed without compromising on accuracy.
  • Keep revising and make small notes of whatever you have studied.
  • Solve as many mock tests as you can.


 JSSC CGL Study Plan 2016

Once you get acquainted with the syllabus for JSSC exam, you need prepare an exam strategy. Here is a subject-wise list of the syllabus which will help you prepare an efficient and effective JSSC CGL study plan.

General Studies

This is the most important subject out of all in terms of questions and number of marks. It serves as a core part of the exam and the success or failure of any candidate highly depends on it. So, scoring in this section is extremely important.

  • Pay special attention to topics related to the state of Jharkhand. The topics can vary over Geography, History, Polity, Environment, Art and Culture, specific to the state.
  • Also, go through the topic of Indian National Movement. Though not many questions are asked from this topic but when asked the difficulty level is very high. So, you should prepare in advance.
  • As this subject is theoretical, keep revising regularly as recollecting all that you have learnt is very essential.

General Knowledge

The candidates literally dread this subject as it very tough and demanding. You should be aware about all the major national and international events and happenings which in itself is very enormous. It is the second most important subject.

  • The best way to prepare is to create a month-wise itinerary about the national and international current affairs.
  • Try to focus more on the recent developments, nearest up to the last 6 months.
  • Also, concentrate on scientific developments, national awards, books and authors.
  • Emphasize more on state related events.
  • This subject demands constant review. Try to allot sometime out of your daily schedule to this subject as general awareness cannot be achieved overnight.

General Mathematics and Mental Ability

Similar number of questions are asked from both of these subjects. Problem solving techniques and regular practice are the two primary keys that are essential to score well in this section.

  • Keep practicing questions related to mental ability and mathematics.
  • Try to master shortcut techniques for multiplication, cubes, squares, cube root, square root, etc. This will help you save a lot of time that is otherwise unnecessarily wasted in calculations. It will give you an advantage over the others.
  • Don’t go for questions that require lengthy calculations.

General Science and Computer Knowledge

These subjects also hold a significant portion of marks in the total. Proper learning is of utmost importance or otherwise, if you are going to cram, it will lead you nowhere other than getting you confused.

  • These are static subjects where learning by relating and examples is very crucial. So, always try to relate it to daily life situations and then revise. It will make the learning process much easier.
  • Don’t cram anything new at this stage, instead focus on what you know and improvise.

We hope that this piece of information about the JSSC CGL Study Plan and Preparation Tips was useful to you. This will help you to prepare for the upcoming exams in a better way. We wish all the best to all the aspirants for their preparation and good performance in the JSSC CGL Exam.

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