Last Minute Preparation Tips for IB Security Assistant 2018

Last Minute Preparation Tips for IB Security Assistant 2018

Last Minute Preparation Tips for IB Security Assistant 2018: The Recruitment Examination for IB Security Assistant will be conducted on 17th Feb. IB will be selecting eligible candidates for the post of Security Assistant (Executive) in the IB Department. A sum total of 1054 vacancies have to be filled this year.

Since we are less than a day away from IB Security Assistant Exam 2018, here are some useful tips for last minute preparation and revision. Follow each section carefully to fully understand this IB Security Assistant 2018 Revision Plan for upcoming written examination.


Last Minute Preparation Tips for IB Security Assistant 2018

The 4 sections of IB Security Assistant 2018 are General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Ability & English Language. Here are last minute tips for the upcoming IB security examination 2018

No heavy preparations

It’s usually seen that when you engage in heavy preparation last moment you tend to get mixed up and build up undue stress which, again, is not what you would want to do.

Attempt Mock Test

Competitive examinations cannot be cracked if you try to learn something new during the last days of your preparation time. What you should be doing right now is trying to attempt mock tests of various competitive exams. Solve them in time 10% less than what would be given to you. This is to consider the time you would lose due to exam pressure. After you’re finished check the answers of only those questions which you had attempted or had thought you could have done if time was available. Do not waste time on questions which you didn’t have any idea about.

IB Security Assistant Mock Test Series by OnlineTyari

This mock test series is based on the latest exam pattern. This will help aspirants in practicing every possible type of Questions that can be created from a particular Topic within a section. Attempt FREE Mock test and analyze your strength and weakness.

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Self-evaluation is very Important

Studying alone doesn’t make your preparation complete. You must evaluate yourself time-to-time for effective preparation. You must write sample papers for the competitive exam you are preparing for.

Rejuvenation time

It’s a very tricky yet best hack. Especially, when you’re panicking. Don’t say “Stop Panicking” to your dear little mind. It’s not a good command follower, it’s going to do just the opposite.

On a side note – Make sure you get ample sleep in the last week as it will help in reducing your stress levels. And, as a final read, if you are having any doubts about your exam strategy, you can give ours a thorough read.

This is where we conclude our Last Week Revision Plan for IB Security Assistant Examination. Stay connected for more information.


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