Last Week Booster Plan for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016

Last Week Booster Plan for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016

SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 will be conducted next week on 22 May across centres located all over India. Most aspirants must be finishing off with their revision of all sections but there must be a few who are still in preparation mode. For Recruitment Exams like SBI Clerk, Smart Work is considered a better choice than Hard Work. In short, here is our last week booster plan for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016, with recommended mock test, practice papers, question bank and preparation tips and tricks to crack the written paper.


How to Crack SBI Clerk Prelims 2016
[Last Week Preparation Tips and Booster Plan]

According to an in-depth analysis run by SMEs at OnlineTyari, among 30% of the well prepared candidates who appear for any Bank Examination , only 5-7% of the candidates manage to qualify the Examination. Prominent Factors point towards increased level of competition and lack of practice and planning.

Since the competition level cannot be indemnified, We at OnlineTyari, are sharing a Last Week Booster Plan with which you can prepare all the topics section wise and implement a smarter approach towards solving problems.

Let us brief you on the Study Material for Last Week Preparation.

  • Full Length Practice test series (atleast 5 Tests)
  • Sectional Question Banks or Test (Based on New Pattern)

Refer to the links mentioned below and select one or all to move ahead in SBI Clerk Prelims Study Plan and Preparation Routine.

SBI Clerk Prelims Mock Test 2016 (2)

Recommended Mock Test: Disha Publication (15 Mock test Series)

SBI Clerk Prelims Mock Test 2016 (3)

Recommended Mock Test: AIM Publication (15 Mock test Series)

Now for sectional preparation, select a Question Bank for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 Preparation.

Synchronize your preparation schedules and solve these test series and question banks with the utmost diligence and planning. Make sure you follow these 4 Rules.

  1. Analyse their Performance giving a mock Test.
  2. Revise Each Section Day by Day and Appear for the Sectional Test or Question banks.
  3. Practice few more full length Mock tests and analyze the improvement in Time Management.
  4. Appear for a Final Mock test and attempt it as a real Examination.

Let us Ponder over Each of these 4 Rules for securing better marks in SBI Clerk Prelims 2016.

SBI Clerk Cut Off 2016 OnlineTyari

Rule #1: Analyse your Performance

Attempt a full length Mock test in the given time (60 minutes) and try to solve Questions with 90% accuracy. Complete few mock test one after the other and then analyze the overall score, section wise score, Section wise attempts, weakness and strengths (topics in each section).

SBI PO Mock Test Series Guider Publication

Recommended: SBI PO Mock Test Series | Guider Publication

This is Primary Task for Day 1. The outcome of this task will be the realization of the fact that a particular topic is your strength or weakness.


Rule #2: Section-Wise Revision

Revise those Sections which you have already prepared. Use the same study material that you used while preparing each section as different books have different style of writing concept that might confuse you in the final hour. Practice topics via Question banks or appear for Sectional Mock Test.

Dedicate Day 2 & Day 3 to this activity.  Apply your previous learning regarding your strength and weakness here and begin solving the section mock test in this manner. This will definitely help boost the overall score.


Rule #3: Time Management

Day 4 will be the most crucial day. The candidate knows his/her strengths and now he/ she has to focus on the time to be dedicated towards each section in SBI Clerk Prelims. Please understand that the primary motive behind time management is to clear all the cut-offs involved (sectional and overall) in the written paper first.

Attempt a few mock tests in predefined time-frames in each section with variable pattern.

For e.g.

In the first mock test, you can decide to dedicate 20 minute to each section, second mock test can adopt a different pattern. Analyse final result and see which ones serves better.

The Outcome: You are now aware of all the factors that were supposed to be the Major Hindrance in one’s success.

  1. Topics that you have to attempt in each section.
  2. Sequence of the section in which you have to attempt the paper
  3. Time to be dedicated to Each section


Rule #4: Appear for Final Mock Test

Remember few things before attempting Final Mock test.

  1. Implement all the above mentioned factors
  2. Don’t try to use either ways or you didn’t get the result as per your real final performance.
  3. The more serious you attempt the paper, more accurate result you will get.

This is also the task for DAY 4.

Now you are all ready strategy as well as study wise to get the success in the Examination. You will definitely get the benefit if you implement this strategy. All the candidates who are having SBI Clerk Examination in the next few weeks can refer these articles:

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Stay Confident and put your best foot forward. There are a number of opportunities besides SBI Clerk. One of the prominent ones being SBI PO.

Arihant SBI PO Prelims Online Test Series 2016

Recommended: SBI PO Prelims Online Test Series 2016

Stay connected for more information regarding SBI Clerk Recruitment 2016. To excel in Bank Examinations, download the Best SBI Clerk Exam Preparation App for free.

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