LIC ADO vs SBI Clerk – Job, Salary, Career Comparison

LIC ADO vs SBI Clerk – Job, Salary, Career Comparison

LIC ADO vs SBI Clerk: Candidates these days are conflicted whether to go for a Banking Career or Career in Insurance. Are you confused about it too? Following our job comparison articles, we present a detailed analysis of LIC ADO and SBI Clerk in terms of job profile, responsibilities, pay scale, perks, work environment and career progression.    

Through this article, we wish to point out the basic difference between pursuing a career in SBI Clerk and LIC ADO. The various comparative scale might help in narrowing down and deciding which is best suited for you – Banking or Insurance?


LIC ADO vs SBI Clerk  – Job Profile Comparison

Let us begin our comparative scales by talking in detail about job descriptions of LIC ADO and SBI Clerk. This will help us understand the key responsibilities and tasks associated with each job post.  

LIC ADO Job Description – Major Tasks and Duties

LIC ADO or Apprentice Development Officer works in the Insurance Sector, but unlike SBI Clerk, this job involves a little bit of initial footwork. The job profile of an LIC ADO is a mixed blend of marketing and tactical sales.

There is a pre-emptive training period. The initial order of business involves you understanding the existing LIC policies and areas where sales can be procured easily. After your training period ends, you are assigned a set of tasks and duties, which are

  • Recruit agents for selling LIC policies to your assigned area
  • Provide proper training to the selected agents working under your guidance
  • Analyse the overall performance of each agent in terms of marketing capabilities as well as shortcomings, if any.
  • Motivate them to procure maximum sales in a defined time period.
  • Assign a target quota and maintain overall integrity in sales.

Hence, you need a blend of both intuitive and marketing skills to be good at this job.

SBI Clerk Job Description – Major Tasks and Duties

SBI Clerk has made a few changes in the selection pattern this year. First of all, it is now called SBI Junior Associate Recruitment Examination. The selection process includes Prelims and Mains Examination. Interview Round is still not decided.

There main objective/ job role of an SBI Clerk is to guide and assist customers, civilians and probable clients through the various banking processes. They need to highly trained and confident to answer each and every query put forward. The various set of tasks assigned are as follows

  • Document Verification
  • Manning Single Window Counter
  • Issue Cash Receipts at Counters
  • Verification of  Vernacular Signatures
  • Attending to Government Treasury Work
  • Clearing and Transferring Cheques and Receipts as per request
  • Update Pass Books

In addition to the duties of clerical cadre, Agriculture Assistant’s duties will work in the issues related to agriculture.

Hence, if you wish to work beyond the proximity of a desk job, LIC ADO would be the preferred choice for you.


LIC ADO vs SBI Clerk  – Pay Scale Comparison

For an employee in any industry, Salary, Pay Scale and Perks play a very crucial role. Lets see what type of pay scale an LIC ADO and SBI Clerk gets.

LIC ADO Pay Scale

The salary band of an LIC ADO usually lies between Rs. 25,000-30,000/- with the pay scale being Rs. 17240-840(14)-29000-910(4)-32640

But, your final salary as an LIC ADO depends upon the business you generate for the company. Apart from fixed pay, an LIC ADO enjoys the following perks and benefits.

  • Transport Allowance (TA)
  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • City Compensatory Allowance (CCA)

Please remember that generating more business for the company (LIC) will help you nab more bonuses.

SBI Clerk Pay Scale

The Pay Scale of SBI Clerk in the Clerical Cadre is along the following lines

Rs. 11765 – (655×3) – 13730 – (815×3) – 16175 – (980×4) – 20095 – (1145×7) – 28110 – (2120×1) – 30230 – (1310×1) – 31540

To elaborate on this Pay Scale further

  • Rs. 11,765 is the Basic Pay
  • Rs. 655 shows the fixed increment and is consecutive for 3 years annually that cumulates the basic to 13730 and scales up the designation as well

The Pay Scale can be analysed in this manner. The Perks and Allowances are as follows. 

  • Dearness Allowance (39.4% of Basic)
  • HRA depending upon the City (7-9% of the Basic)
  • Special Allowance (7.5% for Clerks)

Hence, the fixed pay usually lands around Rs. 18,100 – 19,800 per monthBut SBI offers an additional allowance to its employee that gives an amount of Rs 2000/- extra benefit that enhances the salary to approx Rs. 20,100 – 21,800

Hence, when we talk solely about basic salary, LIC ADO will make more money than SBI Clerk.  But with timely increment, an SBI Clerk can make upto Rs. 54,000 – 55,000 per month. 


LIC ADO vs SBI Clerk – Work Environment  

After reading both job descriptions, one point is quite understandable that both jobs are quite different. Now the bigger question here is – Which job offers a better work environment?

LIC ADO Work Culture

Since LIC ADO Job Profile is basically sales and acquisition alongwith coordination with a team of LIC agents, a lot of management skills and thinking out of the box is involved. You have to perform a few administrative tasks too, but mostly you have to derive new tactical sales strategy for the team.

Remember, a large portion of an LIC ADO bonus depends on sales procurement. Hence, the pressure is always on. To clarify further, The Life Insurance Corporation of India is not a government organisation, but a large portion is owned by it. Hence, if an LIC ADO keeps on under-performing for a long period of time, he/ she can be let go. Hence, job security is on the lower end in case of LIC ADO.

SBI Clerk Work Culture

In case of State Bank of India, gear up for a challenging day for a long time. Remember that extra salary paid above in case of SBI Clerk? This is what you were paid for.

You will be assigned multiple tasks on a daily basis and the work only intensifies in the days to come. Most people get used to it in a few months.

So, both job profiles are challenging. But in terms of job security, SBI Clerk wins. Now we move towards the most critical question – What does the job has in store in the future?


LIC ADO vs SBI Clerk – Career Prospects

Career Prospects include job promotions, benefits, minimum time between promotions and job skills acquired. Lets get straight to it then.

LIC ADO Career Prospects

There is a brief training period after which you are stationed and have to perform instantaneously. The career graph can go along the following lines.

  1. Apprentice Development Officer
  2. Development Officer
  3. Assistant Branch Manager (ABM)
  4. Branch Manager (BM)
  5. Senior Branch Manager (SBM)
  6. Assistant Divisional Manager (ADM)
  7. Divisional Manager
  8. Senior Divisional Manager
  9. Regional Manager

If you put in great effort, you reach upto the level of a Branch Manager in 15 years.

SBI Clerk Career Prospects

The probation period of a bank clerk is normally six months. Clerks are also being given opportunities to get promotion into Officer Cadre just after 3-4 years of job. In case of State Bank of India, one can get opportunity to get promotion as a Trainee Officer after 3-4 years of job and once you get the promotion you are almost equivalent to that of a Probationary Officer.

After gaining 20-25 years of fulltime work experience in the same banking organisation, a Bank Clerk can reach upto a Senior Management Position. But, working in State Bank of India provides more exposure to a Bank Clerk in comparison to any other PSBs.


LIC ADO vs SBI Clerk – Final Verdict

We have compared both careers in various parameters which are essential to both job profiles. After Calculating and Analysing all the facts and figures stated in this article, we can conclude that

  • Go for an SBI Clerk Career, if you want job security, desk job and a quite, peaceful life with a good pay scale.
  • Go for an LIC ADO Career, if you wish to earn more than Clerical Posts, learn about marketing and is not afraid of any sort of field work.

We hope this comparison helps you understand which to choose from LIC ADO vs SBI Clerk. If there are any further queries, please mention in the comment section below.

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