Memory Tricks for Vocabulary topic asked in Government Exams

Memory Tricks for Vocabulary topic asked in Government Exams

Memory Tricks for Vocabulary topic asked in Government Exams: Nowadays all competition exams including Bank & SSC exams have one subject in common – Test of English Language. English language is often treated as unimportant by a lot of us, until the time we actually feel the need to learn it for things that are unavoidable like getting a job. English is preferred in every field now and hence it becomes important to learn language and get the basics right.

Vocabulary is one of the keys to speaking fluent English. Even if your grammar is perfect, if you don’t know the correct words to express yourself in English, you will find it difficult to speak fluently. Luckily, improving your vocabulary is one of the most fun aspects of learning English.

Our TYARI Guru Amit is going to assist you at every level of your preparation: preparation strategy, doubt solving, exam taking tips and more. The only idea here is to help you get selected in your upcoming exam.

TYARI Guru Amit believes that a student should work upon following aspects to crack the English section

  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar

This article is based on Memory Tricks for Vocabulary topic asked in Government Exams. Below mentioned are some tips and tricks to improve your vocabulary for your upcoming exam.


Memory Tricks for Vocabulary topic asked in Government Exams

The vocabulary section is the most crucial one as it gets you sure shot answer in fraction of sections. The nature of questions may vary (Fill in the blanks, Synonym & Antonym, One Word-Substitution etc) but the idea remains same – to check your vocabulary.

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TYARI Guru Amit has personally experienced that amongst all the methods of working upon one’s vocabulary – the two most effective methods are as follows:

Etymology – It the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. You can build thousands of words effectively by using this technique. Let us a see a word out here to understand this –

Disaster – an event or fact that has unfortunate consequences

Etymology way – Dis (against) + Aster (star)

i.e. when your stars are against you, something bad is bound to happens, isn’t it?

Other famous words from the same root –

  • Astrology
  • Astronomy
  • Asterisk

Mnemonics – This is a technique to remember words. Let us see a word out here –

Allay – Lessen the intensity of or calm (Dictionary meaning)

Mnemonics way – When a child cries, what do you do?

“Allay allay allay rote nhi chup ho jaao” – What are you trying to do, you are trying to assuage the baby, is it not? Is not these fantastic techniques? You can learn thousands of words by using these techniques.

Important word list for SSC / Banking from TYARI Guru Amit

Here, we are sharing with you the list of 10 words that you come across in your banking exams. Today We will be explaining first 2 vocabs.

Mundane – (found in the ordinary course of events – Dictionary definition) Mnemonics way – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….everyday. If you have to do something on a regular, is it not going to be mundane?

Unequivocal – ( leaving no doubt; unambiguous – Dictionary definition) Etymology way – UN (not) + Equ (equal) + Voc (Voice). That means that there are no two voices and that indicates that there is no doubt in the mind of a person.

Animosity — –

Patricide — —

Altruist — –

Equivocal — –

Ostracize — –

Misogyny — –

Senescence — –

Nonagenarian — –

You can engage in live Discussion in the comments section below. Tomorrow we will tell you the answers of the above mentioned vocabs. Till then give your answers for the above topics in the comments below.

About Tyari Guru Amit:

Amit is a B.Tech and MBA graduate and comes with 8 years of rich experience of teaching & guiding thousands of students for all the aptitude based competitive examinations. He has also worked very closely with many engineering and management colleges to address the skill gap out there. He is most famous amongst students for his workshops on ‘vocabulary building through etymology and mnemonics’.

Every Wednesday we will be publishing a blog on tips & tricks on how to improve you Vocabulary. Till then stay tuned with us…

Here we conclude our article on memory tricks for vocabulary topics asked in government exams. Stay connected for more information regarding Government job Examination. To excel in Government job Examinations, download the Government  Exam Preparation App for free.

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