Memory Tricks for Vocabulary topics solutions: Check now!

Memory Tricks for Vocabulary topics solutions: Check now!

Memory Tricks for Vocabulary topics solutions:  As you know, yesterday we shared some questions related to vocabulary section. We have got a very good response and the readers are now eager to know the answers. As promised, today we are sharing the solutions of our article on Memory Tricks for Vocabulary topics.

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Competitive exams judge your vocabulary knowledge. This is an important factor where the examiners judge your possible ways to stand out from the crowd.


Memory Tricks for Vocabulary Topics solutions

English language in competitive exams incorporates three important sections: vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. Building a good knowledge in vocabulary is in one’s hands. You need to implement the new words learnt to increase your vocabulary, otherwise just learning words and not using them will suffice to broaden your vocabulary. Below mentioned are the solutions of the remaining questions.


Dictionary Meaning – A feeling of ill will arousing active hostility

Mnemonics ENEMY+CITY (If your enemy is in the city, what you would do? Obviously, you will have a feeling of hostility)

Etymology – The Latin root is Animus (mind). If you carry something against someone, it is animosity.


Dictionary Meaning – the killing of one’s father

Mnemonics – Pitaji ko mar dalna

Etymology – Patris (Latin root for ‘father’) + Cide (Latin root for killing) – Hence, it is killing of one’s own father


Dictionary Meaning – unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others 

Mnemonics – (al+trust) A person who is trusted by each and every one and if concern about the welfare of one and all

Etymology – Alter is a Latin root that means “for other”. Hence, a person who lives for others is known to be altruist. Other words from the same root are – Alternate, Altercation, Alter ego, Alternative etc.  


Dictionary Meaninguncertain or questionable in nature

Mnemonics If everyone speaks in an “equal-voice”, you wouldn’t be able to decipher who says what.

Etymology Equ (equal) + Vox (Voice). If a persone is equivocal, he / she is in the state of indecision.


Dictionary Meaning – excluded from a society or group

Mnemonics “OYE EXTRA SIZE” – is what people will call you if you become obese. People will feel embarrassed in your presence and will try to remove you from their groups i.e. ‘Ostracize’

Etymology Greek root “ostraka” means pot. In Greek society, if the society as a whole has to determine if it should expel a person, it will ask its members to put their votes in ostraka. Figurative sense is to exclude from the society.


Dictionary Meaningdislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women

Etymology Mis ( to hate) + Gyne ( women). To have a prejudice against women is ‘Misogyny’. Other very famous word from the same root is ‘Gynecologist’


Dictionary MeaningThe condition or process of deterioration with age

Etymology – Senex is a Latin root that means ‘old’. Hence, the process of getting old is Senescence. Other famous words from the same root are, ‘Senile’, ‘Senate’, ‘Senior’ etc.


Dictionary Meaning – A person who is between 90 and 99 years old

Etymology Nona is a Latin root that means ninety. The other words are ‘Octogenarian – Between 80 to 89’, ‘Septuagenarian – Between 70 to 79’.  

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