Mission SSC 2019: History Quiz | 23rd February 2019

Mission SSC 2019: History Quiz | 23rd February 2019

History Quiz | 23rd February 2019: As you are already aware, the Staff Selection Commission has released the annual calendar for the upcoming SSC Exam like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC JE. If you’re aiming for the upcoming SSC examination, you need to give equal attention to the History section. In this article, we will be giving Important questions based on Indian History.


Saturday History Quiz | 23rd February 2019

Indian History is an important part of both the Preliminary Exam and the Main Examination for your SSC 2018 Exam preparation. A considerable share of the total questions asked in General Studies for SSC comes from Indian History. Practice the below-given questions and ace in your upcoming exam.

1) Sattriya is a classical dance form of __________

a) Manipur
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Assam
d) Andhra Pradesh

2) Shivkumar Sharma is famous for playing the ____

a) Sitar
b) Flute
c) Santoor
d) Tabla

3) Which among the following is a folk dance of India?

a) Manipuri
b) Garba
c) Kathakali
d) Mohiniattam

4) Who was the exponent of Lokayata Darshana?

a) Kapil
b) Badarayan
c) Charvak
d) Ramanuja

5) Nepali language is written in which script?

a) Uchen
b) Tirhuta
c) Devanagari
d) No option is correct

Here we conclude our article!! Stay connected for latest updates on SSC Dhamaka 2019!


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