Mission SSC : General Awareness Quiz : Day #1


SSC exams is scheduled to take place from tomorrow onwards. We hope that you are well prepared for this SSC exam battle. As you all know that General awareness is an important and scoring section in SSC exam.

Mission SSC : General Awareness Quiz : Day #1

So you should revise this section very well. Here we are also providing you some important questions of general awareness for SSC exam. So start practising these questions and take your preparation to the next level.

1) Jahangir was married to whom?
a) Mehrunissa
b) Hazrat Mahal
c) Jodha Bai
d) None of these

2) When was the Permanent Settlement introduced by the East India Company?
a) 1793
b) 1765
c) 1776
d) 1770

3) Who is considered as the chief architect of Taj Mahal?
a) Ajmal Khan
b) Mohammad Khan
c) Ahmad Lahauri
d) Ahmad Khan

4) Which of the following is the largest city of Myanmar?
a) Yangon
b) Mandalay
c) Mawlamyine
d) Naypyidaw

5) Approximately what is the length of the Suez Canal?
a) 64.8 Km
b) 106.5 Km
c) 178 Km
d) 193 Km

6) Loess Plateau is situated in ___________.
a) Malaya
b) Thailand
c) China
d) Korea

7) What is the meaning of ‘Laissez Faire Policy’?
a) Fair legislation
b) Control over trade
c) Withdrawal of ‘some restrictions’
d) None of these

8) “Gilt-edged” means ___________.
a) Bullion market
b) Market of government securities
c) Market of guns
d) Market of pure metals

9) In which year, Thums Up, one of India’s greatest brands, which was sold to Coca-Cola a few years ago, was launched?
a) 1947
b) 1958
c) 1979
d) 1993

10) What are loan from banks and cooperatives called?
a) Formal sector loans
b) Informal sector loans
c) General loans
d) Commercial loans

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