Mission SSC : General Awareness Quiz : Day #2

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SSC exams has commenced from 4th June onwards. We hope that you are well prepared for this SSC exam battle. As you all know that General awareness is an important and scoring section in SSC exam.

Mission SSC : General Awareness Quiz : Day #2

So you should revise this section very well. Here we are also providing you some important questions of general awareness for SSC exam. So start practising these questions and take your preparation to the next level.

1) Gandhi ji’s Famous Quit India Movement call to the British was given in-
a) 1940
b) 1942
c) 1941
d) 1943

2) Who initiated the movement to form the Indian National Congress ?
a) A.O. Hume
b) W.C. Bannerjee
c) Annie Besant
d) Gandhiji

3) Which of the following dynasties was not located in South India?
a) Kalchuri
b) Pandya
c) Kadamb
d) Hoysal

4) Which of the following decisive battles had established the dominion of the British in India?
a) Battle of Plassey
b) Battle of Buxar
c) Battle of Wandiwash
d) Third Battle of Panipat

5) Ustad Mansur was a famous painter of which Mughal ruler’s regime?
a) Akbar
b) Jahangir
c) Shah Jahan
d) Aurangzeb

6) The Panchayat Samiti remains accountable for its functions to?
a) The Gram Panchayats and Gram Sabhas
b) Zila Parishads
c) Anchal Panchayats
d) Janpad Panchayats

7) The constitution of India refers to the budget as the ______.
a) Annual Financial Statement
b) Money Bill
c) Finance Bill
d) Annual Money Statement

8) Elections in India for Parliament and State Legislatures are conducted by____________?
a) Governor
b) Election Commission of India
c) Prime Minister
d) President

9) Who made the Indian Constitution?
a) The Constituent Assembly
b) British Parliament
c) Indian Parliament
d) The governor general

10) Government of India recently announced constitution of NITI Aayog as a policy think tank replacing Planning Commission. NITI stands for-
a) National Institution for Transforming India
b) It is not an acronym, but only a Sanskrit word for Policy
c) National Initiative for Technological India
d) New Initiative for Transforming India


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