Crack UPSC Civil Services Examination: Motivational Tips for IAS Aspirants

Crack UPSC CSE Motivational Tips for IAS Aspirants

Relentless and long lasting pursuit towards IAS Exam preparations hardly guarantee success. Sometimes even the most brilliant of  IAS aspirants fall short of what UPSC might be looking for in a candidate. However, that should not sadden you into giving up all hopes for a bright future in civil services. The key to reaching your desired goal requires you to keep yourself motivated enough at all times during the preparatory phase and exams.

However, sometimes when our earnest attempts are not greeted by success, we tend to lose all faith and come to the verge of giving up. Most IAS aspirants find it difficult to stick to their goals as the path to their aim is tedious and time consuming. There are some major life lessons which you learn from the preparations of the IAS exams which in turn makes you a better and a wiser human being. So, it is important for an individual to take big steps and keep the fire inside their hearts burning.


 Motivational Tips for IAS Aspirants

To avoid this burning flame of ambition from flickering here are some tips on how IAS aspirants can motivate themselves enough to clear the UPSC exams:


Tip I: Set reminders of IAS Exam as a Personal Goal

It has been proven that visual reminders of your personal goals help you to stay motivated and perform better. Put stick-ons on your study desk or write down your aim in your journal, that way you will be able to focus on your commitment(clearing IAS Exams in this case) and it will pump you up with enthusiasm time and again. 

Tip II: Know that it is a Service to the Country

Civil services are an integral part of the country’s smooth functioning. Civil servants are posted to all parts of the country and they are assigned the work of tackling  the ground situations, even in the trickiest of areas. With the help of local administrative bodies they handle the local problems. Joining Civil services is a form of service to the country. So, the love for your country can help you be motivated at all times to clear your IAS Exams.  

Tip III: Learn from Success Stories of Previous IAS Aspirants 

Every year we come across success stories of IAS aspirants who achieved their goal of clearing UPSC Exams even after facing a lot of difficulties. These candidates come from different economic, social, academic backgrounds and still strive hard to achieve their goals. You must take inspiration from all these people who made it to their goals even in the  face of adversities. They can be your dose of recurring motivation.

Tip IV: Start Small

Despair comes from failed attempts. If you set unrealistic goals for yourself while preparing for the exam, you are most likely to fail which in turn will demoralize you. It will be a smart thing to divide your whole syllabus into small sections and then taking one at a time. This will help you keep you motivated and will reduce your burden. 

Tip V: Commit Publicly

Weather to keep up your honour or to save yourself from disappointment, one is most likely to stick to commitments they make publicly. So, talk about your aim of clearing IAS Exams with your friends and family as a form of pledging. This will definitely help you to stick to your ambitions and will in turn keep you motivated.

Tip VI: Think what you Gain out of it

Personal motives drive us to succeed and it is no secret. Access the situation and weigh all that you gain if you clear the IAS exam of UPSC. The thought of all the perks might want you to stick to your goal and ease the preparatory process.

We hope this article will replenish your dreams and you will be able to motivate yourself even more. If you want to know more on how you can start preparing for the IAS exam follow the link.

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