How to Prepare for MP Police Constable Physical Examination

How to Prepare for MP Police Constable Physical Examination

MP Police Constable Physical Preparation Tips: The Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) has published an official notification inviting interested applicants for the posts of GD Constable, Trade Constable, Head Constable and Assistant Sub Inspector for Recruitment session 2016-17 of the MP Police Constable Exam.

The examination date has been set for 17th July 2016. You need to get ready physically for the Physical Efficiency Test (PET). You have to appear for this fitness test after you clear the written test.

You are also examined medically later on. So, preparing yourself physically becomes as important as preparing yourself for the written test. You will be called to join only if you clear all the stages that have been set for the exam.


MP Police Constable Physical Examination Preparation Tips

In this article, we are going to help you with the same by discussing all the steps that you need to follow to prepare yourself physically.

You will also be judged on the basis of your physical measurements. The Physical Standards for the recruitment examination will be based on Chest and Height. The metric will vary for male and female candidates.

Physical Standards Height Chest
Male (UR/SC) 168 cms 81 cms (unexpanded) & 86 cms(expanded)
Male (ST) 160 cms 76 cms (unexpanded) & 81 cms (expanded)
Female 158 cms N/A

If you comply with the physical standards mentioned above and other eligibilities like age and qualification, then you are eligible to appear for this exam. You need to be prepared well beforehand as physical fitness is not a day’s task, it is evolved over time.

You will find it easier to clear the exam if you prepare by practicing the exercises and improving your upper and lower body strength and cardiovascular endurance. There are various steps that you need to follow in order to prepare yourself for the physical test. So, let us discuss these steps in detail.

Research and Act

The first task on your behalf is to find out about the nature of the examination. The requirements and the fitness skills included in the test to qualify in the MP Police Constable Recruitment Exam.

  • Research about the fitness levels and benchmarks that are set in the test. This will give you clarity about what you need to do and save you from the unnecessary confusion that can pile up later on.
  • Calculate your Body Mass Index(BMI) to know the ideal weight and height for your body. This will give you an idea on how much efforts you need to put in yourself to get physically fit.

(For those who are not informed, BMI is a test is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women)

  • Also, consult a doctor or a fitness trainer before starting any fitness program that is new to you. He/ She can help you create a proper plan that is suitable to your health and fitness level.

Time Management

A famous proverb goes by, “If you respect time, time will respect you”. So, in order to achieve your goals, this is a very important step and you need to manage your time efficiently and in the best possible way. If you do this, you will be able to make the most out of the valuable time that you have.

  • Start a little early as physical fitness is a task that is impossible to achieve in a few days. Begin working out several weeks or even several months before you are scheduled to take the police physical fitness test.
  • You need to plan a daily schedule and must adhere to following it very strictly. Allot, specific and different timings for preparing yourself for the written test and for the physical fitness test.
  • Try to stick to the schedule and wake up on a proper time, eat your meals timely, set aside specific time slots for studying and exercising.
  • Time your fitness routine and always try to keep a count of the exercises so that you know for how long and how efficiently have performed. You will also know whether you need to put in more hard work or you are doing good. All this will help boost your confidence.


For you to achieve a certain fitness level, this is the most important part. All the planning will come to play. This is where your hard work and will power will count.

  • Learn to pace yourself when mastering exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups, which are required for most physical fitness tests for police.
  • Count the number of times you can do a particular exercise. Don’t try to push yourself too hard during the initial days. Increase the count and speed slowly gradually.
  • Include aerobics in your daily routine. It is a great way to de-stress and offers you a body with the much needed flexibility.
  • Walk, jog or swim, whatever suits you the best. It is a great way to increase your cardio-vascular endurance.
  • Here’s a little tip for you. Try to walk or run your way in case you need to go out somewhere. Ditch your vehicle for a while and we assure you it can do wonders for your body and you can save the extra hours you have to spend on walking and jogging.
  • Start by walking five times a week and then advance to jogging. Each week try to cover the distance you jog or walk in less time. Most states require candidates to run a distance of 1.5 miles as part of the test. This will boost your stamina.

Eating Habits

  • Always try eating a balanced diet rich in carbs, proteins and vitamins.
  • Instead of eating a heavy meal at once, eat small meals frequently.
  • Avoid caffeine as much as you can.

By preparing ahead of time, you can score well in your fitness test. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavour. We hope you perform well in the exam and clear it with flying colors.

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