NABARD Interview Preparation Tips for Grade A, B Manager Post

NABARD Interview Preparation Tips for Grade A, B Manager Post

NABARD Interview Preparation Tips for Grade A, B Manager Post: The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has declared the final list of selected candidates for Grade A, B Manager Recruitment 2016. NABARD has officially released the Interview Schedule for Grade A, B Manager Post which you can check from this link.

The Interview Round of the NABARD Grade A, B Manager is the third phase of the exam and carries 25 marks. The interview round is considered to be easy as you are assessed on the basis of your overall personality. But, all those candidates afraid of facing a panel of interviewers can hinder their selection.

In this article, we will give you some important NABARD interview preparation tips to help ease the process of your selection for the post of assistant manager.


NABARD Interview Preparation Tips for Grade A, B Manager Post

More than overall personality, NABARD checks the confidence level, honesty and  communication skills of aspiring candidates. No matter how intimidating the word ‘interview’ sounds, you can easily ace the round with a little bit of self-confidence. We have prepared a few NABARD interview preparation tips for all those getting jittery over the last phase pf NABARD recruitment examination. Have a look at some:

Be Punctual

For Benjamin Franklin once said, lost time is never found again. Value of time indeed is priceless. Try to arrive at interview location at least 30 minutes earlier than the interview schedule mentioned in the NABARD call letter.

You may require a lot of time to get your documents verified before you can go ahead and appear for the actual interview.  Also, punctuality leaves a lasting expression. Reach interview venue on time. This will also give you time to make yourself calm and comfortable while you wait outside

Be Polite and Well Mannered

A little politeness and exhibition of good manners and public behaviour is always counted as a plus no matter what the situation is. Small considerations like knocking the door before entering, seeking permission for entry, greetings (ladies first), waiting for the permission to take a seat, using thank yous frequently are all taken note of and speak a lot about the kind of person you are.

Be Mindful of What Comes Out of Your Mouth

Too much mindless babbling will seldom lead you into trouble. Be absolutely conscious of what you are speaking and take time to think about what is being asked and the situations. Take note of the time, before going ahead with the greetings. Such minute instances of mindfulness will definitely be taken a note of. Address the female interviewer as ‘madam’ if you are not sure if to use ‘Miss or Misses’

Body Language is Important

A positive body language attributes to various personality enhancements. For example, sitting in straight posture with hands in your lap/thigh shows attentiveness while fidgeting and slouching on the other hand shows discomfort.. Eye contact with the board/interviewer and a clear voice shows confidence in the self.

Dress Appropriately

A person who is well dressed and nicely groomed is always impressive to meet. Male candidates must wear a simple formal trouser, full sleeve shirt (preferably white), simple tie, mid-calf length socks, matching shoes and belt. Stay away from jeans for the interview.

For females on the other hand must wear a two piece suit, with minimal makeup, trim nails and avoid flashy nail colours, comfortable flat shoes, and an understated purse will do. Clothes should always be clean and well ironed.

Do not Make Excuses

There are 100% chances that there might be some question in the interview the answer to which you know not. Instead of making false excuses for your ignorance just take responsibility for your decisions and your actions. This is going to put you in positive light.

Do not Be Negative

Being negative in your opinions in general puts you in negative light too. Keep a positive tone in general. Do not criticize the previous employer. And never give a cynical reaction to the questions asked.

Give a Brief and Comprehensive Introduction

No one likes fragmented information, so won’t your interviewer. Make a comprehensive introduction by telling your name, family background, about the city you belong, date of birth etc. Your academic info must include subjects that you studied in graduation. Also highlight your hobbies.

Be Vigilant

Be very vigilant with each question especially with strengths and weaknesses. Make sure your strengths are relevant to the role and weakness are not not contrary to what is required for the role. Analyse the role. Think about what the interviewer wants to hear when answering this one. Keep in mind that each answer you give should add value to the position or company.

After knowing about the NABARD interview preparation tips, you should know what questions can be asked from the panelists.

List of NABARD Interview Questions

Apart from NABARD interview preparation tips, we have created a list of some important questions that can be asked. Refer to the following table to have a look. Questions
1. Please tell something about ex-president APJ Kalam. Why he was so popular?
2. What do you know about FI, FII and FDI?  What is difference between FII and FDI?
3. Tell us about internet security and threats and how as software engineer can you contribute to NABARD? ( To a candidate having 4.5 yrs of experience in IT)
4. So you have worked with Infosys so please tell me what you have done there during  their training and what challenges did you face? (To someone who has worked in the company)
5. Tell good things and bad things about IT sector.
6. So Mr. X you are from himachal so tell us from where himachal get its max revenue?
7. Why more and more companies are coming to BADI?
8. What is CSR?
9. Why you want to join NABARD?
10. Why development of rural area is important (when told the function of NABARD)?

We hope this article provides you with useful information regarding the NABARD Interview Preparation Tips for Grade A, B Manager Post.

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