Importance of NCERT Books in IAS Exam Preparation

Importance of NCERT Books in IAS Exam Preparation

Importance of NCERT Books in IAS Exam Preparation: There is a lot of hue and cry about IAS preparation books and there are numerous recommendations doing the rounds. Each and every web portal has their own set of recommended books for IAS Exam Preparation. Even our previous blog post was on a similar topic. Read here.

However, what lies common among all of them, is the importance that has been placed upon NCERT textbooks.
And why not?


Importance of NCERT Books in IAS Exam Preparation

There is a strong case for taking up NCERT books for IAS before anything else. Here are a few points which every IAS aspirant needs to ponder upon before they proceed any further.


NCERT Books cover a significant chunk of IAS Exam Syllabus despite being very concise. Most of the aspirants are usually alien to a lot of topics being asked in Civil Services Exam. NCERT’s offer a perfect kick start.

Simple Language

They are written in a language almost everyone will understand. The idea is to prepare content keeping in mind the caliber of students living in every nook and corner of this country and that’s as resourceful as it can get.

Concepts Well Explained

Though you might think that NCERT Books are cut down heavily in order to keep the number of words concise, there are necessary analogies and examples for you to grasp fundamental concepts. It ensures that you are no longer a beginner once you go through them thoroughly. Hence, NCERT Books also serves as a measure of performance evaluation and improvement.

Renowned Authors

Each NCERT book is prepared by a team comprising of members of repute and eminence in their respective fields of study. Bipin Chandra and Arjun Dev are some important names you’d be well aware of and there are many more.

Available for FREE Online

We Indians live for everything free. Go to NCERT official website and select which book you want. All these books are available for free. But that’s not the only factor here as we have discussed in the points above.
Last but not the least, almost every aspirant goes through them and you don’t want to be the one missing out on them. It is an essential part of IAS exam preparation.

Before your plan to take your IAS 2017 Prelims, you should be done with all the essential NCERT Books. Once you are done with them, you can take up those bulky reference books and now things would start making more sense to you. All because you know the basics now.

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  1. Please tell me what to do to keep a track of editorials and other important information, can I save them , and from where can I get all this?
    Also please tell, url to get myself updated for the upcoming government jobs in centre and state , especially rajasthan.

    • Hello,

      It is important for an IAS aspirant to stay updated with recent events and more importantly, the issues around such events. We will break and answer your query in 2 separate sections below.

      1. Keeping in touch with Editorials & Other Important Info:

      Before anything, we are pleased to inform you that we are shortly coming up with daily current events especially for IAS aspirants that will include news and events relevant for the Civil Services Exam sourced from numerous newspapers. All you need to do is bookmark those everyday so they are saved in your account automatically for a quick look up later on. This will definitely be a one-stop shop solution for all your problems.

      We suggest you to take up one newspaper that you follow religiously. It could be The Hindu or The Indian Express. Also, keep a tab of events on PIB website. There are numerous apps like Feedly to get daily feeds from leading newspapers. Use those. If you use Google Chrome, you can save important news items as pdf files when you use the print command. You may sort these pdf files as per your convenience. However, we suggest you to sort them as per syllabus.

      Always keep in mind that you always need to have your syllabus ready with you so it helps you filter only relevant news items.

      2. Upcoming Job Alerts:

      If you have used OnlineTyari App, you’d see a new feature with the name of ‘Job Alerts’ prominently on the home screen itself. This section gets updated daily with all the latest job alerts across Central Government & the states. We are in process of enriching the user experience by introducing ‘Filters’ through which you can selectively see Job Alerts specially for your particular state.

      Till then, download OnlineTyari application and keep checking out all relevant job alerts.
      Hope that solves your query.

      Should you have any further questions, feel free to write to us.


    • Hello Yogesh,

      We are working on creating a proper exam strategy for CAPF 2016 Preparation.
      Please bookmark our blog and you’ll be notified as soon as we update it.

    • Complete information is available on OnlineTyari IAS Blog. Keep checking onlintyari platform for this. Also you should read The Hindu Newspaper, Indian Express, NCERT books and start preparing notes for that.

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