Strategy to Complete NIACL Assistant Examination in One Hour

Strategy to Complete NIACL Assistant Examination in One Hour

Strategy to Complete NIACL Assistant Examination in One Hour: New India Assurance Company Limited released a notification to recruit candidates for the post of Assistant (Class III).

NIACL will be conducting online written examination in less than 10 days to fill up 984 vacancies for the post of Assistant. Here,we are providing tips and tricks to Complete NIACL Assistant Examination in One Hour.


Strategy to Complete NIACL Assistant Examination in One Hour

The New India Assurance Company Ltd., a leading Public Sector General Insurance Company and wholly owned by Government of India, invited applications from eligible Indian Citizens for recruitment of 984 Assistants in Class III cadre from open market. Before we provide you tips on how to complete NIACL Assistant examination in one hour, let us introduce the exam pattern for NIACL Assistant for prelims.

NIACL Assistant Exam Pattern for Prelims

Name of the Subject No. of Questions Marks 
English Language  30  30
Quantitative Aptitude  35  35
Reasoning Ability  35  35
 Total  100  100

Here are some details regarding NIACL Assistant Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme for Prelims Examination:

  • There will be 100 questions, in total, carrying one mark each.
  • Total Time duration of the exam is 1 hour.

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Time management is an extremely important aspect of attempting any online examination. First of all, before starting the paper you should make it clear to yourself that for the next minutes or so you have to be completely engrossed in solving questions without taking any break. Given below is the order in which you should attempt NIACL Prelims 2017 examination. We are sharing how much time you should give to each subject in order to complete the examination on time.

English Language (15 Minutes)

English language is one of the important section of any recruitment exam. An aspirant should initially attempt the topics like error detection and correction, Cloze Test, fillers, etc. Always skip on comprehension for later as it is time consuming. One can also attempt Antonyms/ Synonyms questions of Reading Comprehension, you need not to read the whole comprehension for solving these.

How to prepare for NIACL Assistant English Language Section 2017

On an average around 15 minutes should be taken by the candidate to attempt this section. Here are useful tips which will help you prepare for the upcoming examination.

Read Newspaper Daily

If you want to score good in English section, Read newspaper daily. Don’t spend whole day in reading newspaper but read it’s editorial section as it will make you comfortable to their writing style as there is no need to practice endless reading comprehension questions because practice papers are just a tool to analyze performance.

Use a dictionary

Using a dictionary will surely improve your English day by day but stop using low quality mobile dictionaries. Buy an Oxford Advanced English Dictionary.


Oxford English Mini Dictionary

A dictionary is a compilation of words in one or more languages, generally in the alphabetical order. It specifies the meanings of the words, their definitions, synonyms (in some cases), etymologies, pronunciations, translations etc. It is a very useful product for a person who is in the process of inculcating a new language. In fact, it is helpful for day-to-day life of a person who already is familiar with a particular language. Everyone needs help on some or the other word even if it is a language they already know, because of the regular updation and invention of new words, the world over.

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Improve your vocabulary

It is almost tough to score well in exams without strong vocabulary. In order to improve your reading speed, one must make a habit of reading newspaper daily.

Practice sample papers

Solve at least 15-20 previous sample papers of different levels.

Moving to the next section i.e Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude (25 Minutes)

Quantitative aptitude is an important part of all major competitive exams. Aptitude test basically involves mathematical questions. In these questions, speed of the candidate matters more than his/her knowledge. Get through all of the high scoring topics first i.e  Number Series, Simplification /Approximation, Quadratic Equations, DI. Leave the difficult and time consuming topics for later.

How to Prepare for NIACL Assistant Quantitative Aptitude Section 2017

On an average around 25 minutes should be taken by the candidate to attempt this section. Here are useful tips which will help you prepare for the upcoming examination.

  • Speed and accuracy are very important to finish this section on time and get each answer correctly.
  • Try to Attempt easy category questions first such as Simplification, Problems on Ages, Percentage, Average, Simple Interest, Profit and Loss, Ratio & Proportions, etc.
  • Each topic has its own unique way to answer its questions and there are shortcuts that should be learned while practicing to improve speed. You should be familiar with the concepts and short cut routes to solving questions.
  • Your speed also depends on how well you know each question, so do not dwell on questions you are not particularly good at.
  • When practicing quantitative aptitude, do not try to study everything in detail. Be very familiar with your strengths and dwell on topics you have weaknesses in.

Reasoning (20 Minutes)

This section is the trickiest and the most time-consuming section to be solved. Because of this many aspirants fail to complete the sections on time as Difficulty level of puzzles has increased. If you are not able to solve the puzzles in one go, do not waste time. Move to the next topic. Start with the easy & moderate Reasoning questions that you can solve quickly like Inequalities, Syllogism, Coding decoding, Blood Relation, Direction & Distance, Order & Ranking.

How to Prepare for NIACL Assistant Reasoning Ability Section 2017

On an average around 20 minutes should be taken by the candidate to attempt this section. Here are useful tips which will help you prepare for the upcoming examination.

Focus on topics that are Easy to Handle

The NIACL Assistant Reasoning Ability Section is quite massive. So, there can be a chance that you might miss out on a few scoring topics.

The following topics in NIACL Assistant Reasoning Ability Section in Preliminary Examination should be at your tips.

  • Direction Sense
  • Blood Relation
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Order and Ranking Problems

These questions give the most accurate answers in the least time, provided you have given them time while preparing for NIACL Assistant Exam.

Dedicate Preparation Time for Seating Arrangement and Puzzle Test

Candidates must practice seating arrangement and puzzle test problems as these problems appear in sets of 5-5 questions almost every year in NIACL Assistant Examination.

  • Seating Arrangement Problems consist of people seating around a round table “facing towards the centre of the table’, “Facing away from the centre of the table” and a combination of both. You need practice to solve such questions.
  • Also, while solving seating arrangement problems, one needs to ask himself/ herself this question – ‘Can I solve this in optimal time?’
  • Puzzle Test Problems require a lot of practice. One must be able to analyse total number of variables in the problems. Don’t try to solve Puzzles orally, always make a rough diagram for the same. It will make things easier.

Solving Statement-based Questions

Statement- Assumptions, Statement-Conclusion, Statement- Arguments, Statement- Courses of Action – you may get one or two problems from these. One can never be 100% sure, but practising these will certainly reduce error in your judgement, which brings us to our final part.

Now you are clear with the strategy on how you can manage your time and solve the NIACL Assistant examination in one hour. Here we are providing some overall time management tips which will surely help you in attempting exam efficiently.

Time Management Tips

  • A student has to prepare himself/ herself for the exam and decide which part should be attempted first.
  • The student should leave the question if it’s time consuming. He/ she should not spend too much time on any particular part or a problem.
  • If possible, skip the topic which is lengthy and time-consuming as they consume a lot of time.
  • Before giving the exams, the student should try the test series so that he can analyze the time consumed by him to complete paper.
  • Last but not the least, Always keep calm.

Over here we conclude our article on Strategy to Complete NIACL Assistant Examination in One Hour. Stay tuned with us for more information regarding NIACL Assistant recruitment examination.

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