No More Interview Fear! Crack IBPS RRB Interview With These Tips From Experts

No More Interview Fear! Crack IBPS RRB Interview With These Tips From Experts: The Interview Round of the IBPS RRB exam is the third phase of the exam and carries 100 marks.

The interview round is considered to be easy as you are assessed on the basis of your overall personality. But, all those candidates afraid of facing a panel of interviewers can hinder their selection. In this article, we will give you some important IBPS RRB Interview preparation tips to help ease the process of your selection.

IBPS RRB Interview: Tips From Exam Expert

Job interviews seem frightening, even if the individual is well prepared. Banking Interviews like IBPS RRB Exam interview are essentially fabricated around some common topics like:

Resume/ Curriculum Vitae (CV) of Candidate

To provide a brief outline of themselves to their employer every candidate must prepare a biodata of themselves. The document needs to include all important things like your qualifications, your place of birth, places where you have studied, your hobbies, extra activities, your family etc.

While discussing a question about personal information based on your CV, a candidate must come out CONFIDENT. The candidate must also be open to discuss any questions branching out of the CV like hobbies and interest.

Describing Oneself

The question is “Tell us something about yourself?”. Almost every aspirant is asked this question and one must try to keep the description short.

Banking Knowledge

A candidate well versed with the basics of the field he is about to enter out-shines his competitors. Hence, it is important that you acquire the basics of banking before going in for an interview and are ready to answer on those lines. You can prepare topics like

Make sure your answers convey what you mean and are cleverly worded. Prepare various abbreviations as well.

GK (Current Affairs)

It is mandatory for a candidate to be well versed at events occurring around him. Prepare the current affairs of the last three months. You need to know news like awards, major occurrences, parliamentary developments.

Roles and Responsibilities

A candidate must know the roles and responsibilities and perform tasks on regular basis. An RRB Officer needs to focus mainly on the agricultural and allied fields, for the betterment of the rural economy. He/ She needs to keep a check on regular loan repayment so that the agriculture loans of their branch don’t turn into NPA.

Overall Preparation Tips 2018

Here is the IBPS RRB Interview experience shared by Pooja Angurana, an IBPS RRB Aspirant 2017

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