Online TyariPLUS: Join Today and Get Unlimited Access to Mock Tests

Online TyariPLUS: Join Today and Get Unlimited Access to Mock Tests

Online TyariPLUS: Join Today and Get Unlimited Access to Mock Tests: We have heard your voice, and keep You, our students first we have taken a move forward to help you with your preparation. We are announcing the launch of our exclusive plan, OnlineTyari PLUS. We have made it simpler than ever for you to get access to the plethora of Tests in our closet, just become a plus member and get scoring.

OnlineTyari caters to the needs and aspirations of millions of users who have the dreams of grabbing a reputed government job. We, at OnlineTyari, believe that aspirants can make their dreams reality by working hard and following our day to day preparation guide and study material sincerely. We are proud to help students/ candidates/ aspirants in preparing for various recruitment examinations like SSC, SBI, UPSC, State, with the help of online tests, All India Live tests, daily current affairs, informative & educational videos, questions banks as well as eBooks. Let us make you clear on what OnlineTyari Plus is? Scroll down to get updated.

Reasons why ‘Online TyariPLUS’ is AWESOME!

A lot of you must be wondering why we are pressing this particular feature as a revolutionary one – here are a few reasons:

One-Stop-Shop For All Examinations

You can say goodbye to your fears. OnlineTyari PLUS to specially assist you to overcome competitive exam hurdles and save your hard earned rupees. OnlineTyari PLUS is a one-stop-shop for all aspirants preparing for government exams. Pay once and get access to 1000+ mock tests for 12 months along with a bunch of other features as follows…

Detailed Performance

Get insightful reports after every test-attempt to know your strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve on. Also get personalized feedback & benchmarking with peers.

One Free Counselling Session

Confused about exams, eligibility, preparation strategy, or anything else? Get a personal counselling session with our exam experts absolutely free.

Prepare From Recommended Study Material For Upcoming Exams

Many-a-times choosing the best study material for any exam becomes a tedious task. But, you can resolve this with OnlineTyari PLUS. With the help of OnlineTyari PLUS you will have the access to all the study material at one go.

Free Monthly Current Affairs Digest

Get monthly digests prepared by our experts free for a period of 12 months.

How to Join  ‘Online TyariPLUS‘ 

Below you can see a step-by-step guide on how you use the ‘OnlineTyari PLUS’ on the OnlineTyari App. It is highly recommended for infrequent users to follow each step carefully.

  1. Single membership payment & unlimited access to over 1000 mock tests for next 12 months.
  2. Carry your Tests anywhere: Add Tests to your account simply by clicking on “Add to My Tests” and add any test to your account.
  3. Attempt Tests on the Go: Attempt your mock tests anytime and anywhere. Analyze your performance and improve your score.

We are certain that most OnlineTyari users will be hugely benefited from the PLUS on the OnlineTyari App. Join Online TyariPLUS today. We hope it really helps you crack your upcoming government exam.

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