Poor Academic Profile and UPSC IAS Exam: Should you be worried?


Poor Academic Profile and UPSC IAS Exam: In a country supporting millions of students, there is no other recruitment examination which is as popular as the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Almost everyone has heard about IAS Examination, either from friends, parents, relatives, family or New Articles or Movies.

It is not unusual that a lot of students aspire to be a Civil Servant. It is like a Civil Services Career is an Automatic Choice for a lot of people. However, a lot of changes and variations occur until we finally become eligible to appear for UPSC IAS Examination. A lot of factors come into play that have the potential to change your plans of becoming a Civil Servant. One such Significant Factor which bothers a lot of fresh candidates happend to be Academic Profile.

A common question that a lot of IAS aspirants ask themselves is whether it is wise to think of appearing for the UPSC Examination if we have an Academic Profile that ranges from ‘Mediocre’ to ‘Poor’. We, at Onlinetyari, tackle this one ‘big, repetitive query’ in this article on IAS Exam Preparation.

So, lets get to the bottom of this question and try to understand the main reason that could prompt a potential aspirant to ask this question. We can think of the following reasons as to why would someone ask this question:

  • He/ She is simply ignorant about the eligibility criteria for IAS Exam and is asking it out of curiosity.

  • He/ She wants to know as to whether aspirants with poor academic background make it to the services ever or not.

  • He/ She wants to understand if he/ she is capable of succeeding in this exam given he/ she has not been a bright performer.

  • He/ She is weighing his options for he/ she is unwilling to take a risk and miss out on alternate career options.

Drop in your ideas if you can think of other reasons in the comment section below and we’d love to address them too. For the time being, lets look at the ones listed above.


Poor Academic Profile: Most Common IAS Queries

Well, if you are just asking this question out of sheer ignorance, we suggest you reach for the official notification for Civil Services Exam 2016 and look for the eligibility criteria.

#1: Uncertainty regarding IAS Eligibility Criteria 

It clearly specifies that you just need to have a Graduation Degree to attempt this exam without any minimum percentage of marks. Still not satisfied? Keep reading.

#2: Do candidates with Poor Academic Scores even make it? 

Let us mold your query in another perspective and ask whether candidates with poor academic backgrounds make it to the Civil Services or not?

The Answer to that is – Yes, they do! 

Every year, there are a few aspirants with poor academic backgrounds who make it to the final coveted list. But we will be honest here, that is more like an exception, not a rule.

#3: Attitude vs. Aptitude 

Your grades do not matter in this exam but there’s far more to it than meets the eye. This brings us to the third reason as to whether your academic background is an indicator of your potential to succeed in the Civil Services Exam.

On the face of it, we would say NO, it is not.

No Grade Sheet in this whole world gets to decide your chances of success in Civil Services Examination. It is important to highlight that aptitude and attitude are two different things. Your grades may not be the most accurate index of your aptitude but they clearly point towards your attitude in general.

There can be a number of reasons as to why you could not achieve higher grades. If it is your attitude towards working hard in general that you find too casual, we would tell you that if this is carried forward like that, your chances of clearing IAS exam are quite abysmal.

So, Relax. You need to stop thinking about the past and focus on preparing for this examination.


UPSC IAS Examination: Who can crack it?

We hope that our ‘long article’ was able to convince you to stop thinking about your poor grades in school/ college. This is what people who crack IAS Exam include in their timetable or quest for Civil Services Success.

  • Long Hours of Rigorous Study
  • Extensive Answer Writing Practice
  • An Efficient Recall Memory
  • Ability to Assess/ Analyse Situations
  • Consistency
  • Perseverance

Out of all the above, Consistency and Perseverance are the most important factors. With a carefree/casual attitude, things won’t move. You have to believe in yourself and shrug this attitude before you make a start.

While your aptitude will improve with tonnes of hardwork, your attitude is totally independent of it and largely depends on your will to succeed. If you can’t change that for the better, DO NOT EVEN THINK OF ATTEMPTING. Do not waste your time. Go for other career options that demand lesser effort.

But if you believe that you can, then the choice becomes automatic. Do not lose heart because of your past performance. Just sit down and start preparing if you have ample time and attempts hand. Still thinking? Just go for it and apply now for IAS Prelims 2016.

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