Practice Coding Decoding Questions for Railway Exams (DMRC, RRB)

Practice Coding Decoding Questions for Railway Exams (DMRC, RRB)

Practice Coding Decoding Questions for Railway Exams: DMRC is popularly known as Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is a metro serving Delhi and the NCR regions. Delhi metro is the world’s thirteenth largest metro system in terms of length and a member of Nova group of metros. DMRC is going to conduct CRA examination from 21st Feb to 28th Feb 2017.

This This article is based on practice Coding Decoding Questions asked in Railways exam (DMRC RRB). Click on the below mentioned section to try the free quiz.


Practice Coding Decoding Questions

Under this section, candidates can try out this free quiz related to Coding Decoding. Here a few points to ponder upon before you practice coding decoding questions.

  • Once the user selects any quiz topic, 10 multiple choice questions with four option will be displayed.
  • Users will have to select one of the five option given which they think is the correct answer.
  • After attempting all the questions, users will have to select Check Result option which will take them to the result page.
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We hope you were able to attempt the free mock test paper for coding decoding easily. Now, the question is – How well did you perform?

  • If you scored 5/5, Click here to attempt a more advanced level paper.

  • If your score was 4/5 or 3/5 or below, here are few tips on how to attempt Coding Decoding Questions asked in Railways Exam (DMRC RRB).

Continue reading into the section below where some useful tips on acing coding decoding Questions asked in Railways Exam have been mentioned.

Tips on How to Attempt Coding Decoding Questions asked in Railways Exam

To achieve a perfect score while attempting questions based on Coding Decoding, here are a few essential tips and tricks you must keep in mind.

  • Observe alphabets or numbers given in the question
  • Try to find the pattern or sequence it follows. They could be in ascending or descending order, arranged in an alternate fashion and other ways as well.
  • Figure out the rule followed by the given arrangement of alphabets/numbers/words.

In any competitive exam, time management is the most factor because you will get less time to solve more questions. So you can get help by practicing mock test series before the final exam to manage time and increase your speed. Here is our recommended mock test. Click on the section below to explore:

DMRC CRA Mock Test Series

Delhi Metro CRA Exam 2016 मॉक टेस्ट सीरीज़

Crack DMRC CRA Recruitment Examination by practicing this Mock test. This Mock test comes with solutions.

Click here to try a few questions

Here we conclude our article on Practice coding decoding Questions for Railways exam. Please comment on the section below for any queries. Till then, Stay connected for more information regarding Delhi Metro Recruitment 2016. To excel in Railway Examinations, download the Best Railways Exam Preparation App for free.

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