Precis Writing Tips and Topics for Bank Exams


Precis Writing Tips and Topics for Bank Exams: Precis is a short portrait of a given passage written in your own words underlining the thoughts of the author of the text. A good precis contains an accurate and precise content for the given topic. To put it simply, it is a short summary of a longer passage, which is an essential part of the English section of major Bank exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk etc.


Precis Writing Tips and Topics for Bank Exams

Precis writing is an important topic which is seen both in government and bank exams. It helps in enhancing the knowledge and writing skills of the candidates as well as checks their intellect and logical understanding of the passage. The most important thing to keep in mind while writing a precis is accuracy and underlining the main ideas. You can not put in your own comments and opinions in the Precis. Before heading to the general Precis writing tips and ideas, lets study the structure of a good precis.

A precis is written from an impartial third-person point of view containing analysis of the ideas/ views of the passage in a chronological order.


First of all, Cite the main idea and views of the author of the text. Introduce the topic in a line or two by generalizing the outline of the text.


Explain the key ideas, concepts and phrases, demonstrating the implied significance and purpose of the text. Use direct examples of how the author supports the thesis, relating to the reader’s assumptions.


Summarize the main idea and importance of the author’s thesis/ passage in 2-3 lines.


Precis Writing Tips & Tricks

Writing a good precis means making an intelligent summary of the intent of the author’s passage. It must possess clear, emphatic diction and effective sentence construction. A Precis must have an apt title, a logical and well-knit order and should be written in reported speech manner. There are several other points to keep in mind while writing an effective precis. Therefore, we have mentioned some precis writing tips which you should always remember:

Read the Passage Carefully

Before writing the precis, read the entire passage carefully to understand the concept or basic idea of the text. If one reading is not enough then, read it for a second time. As you read, find out the subject or theme of the matter. Once you understand the theme, you will automatically come across the topic for your precis.

Always State the Name of the Author or Source

When you start writing your precis, you should always state the name of the author or document or the source mentioned. Avoid using the term ‘In this article’, instead mention the name of the person whose thoughts and ideas are expressed in the passage. For example: Mr Thompson argues that spiritual awakening is important….

Mention all the Necessary Facts and Thoughts

A precis should be full and precise i.e it should contain all the necessary facts, thoughts and ideas from the passage. It should not be repetitive in nature as it will only make it lengthier in size. Start you precis by highlighting the theme and create a contextual environment where you can place the necessary points.

Check the Language 

You always need to make sure that the language of your precis is clear, crisp and concise. Do not include petty words like good, bad or big, little to describe something. Always make use of words which are heavy, appropriate and formal. Do not use abbreviations or contractions and most of all, use past tense throughout the text.

Be Original 

A precis should be in the language of the precis-writer. You can not reduce the length of the original passage by just removing unimportant or unnecessary sentences. You can not copy the exact text and claim to be its writer. You should always strive to generate the content in your own words by highlighting the ideas of the author. Never force your opinion or judgments in your precis as it is against the rule.

Keep a Count of Words

It is generally accepted that the precis content should be one third of the original text. That means, if you are given 300 word length passage, your precis should be around 100 words. Once you are done with your precis, it is advised to count the words and mention them in a bracket at the end.

In conclusion, a good precis can easily be written if you are able to grasp the theme and idea of the passage. In addition to the above mentioned precis writing tips, it is imperative for you to adopt a consistent pattern which does not deviate from the theme.


Apart from the above mentioned precis writing tips, we have listed some important topics for precis writing in bank exams. These are carefully selected from previous year’s papers of various bank exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO. In most of the cases, precis writing topics are generic in nature and can also be related to bank operations.

  • The idea of Trusteeship
  • Discipline is important
  • Forest Products
  • Struggle for livelihood
  • Pollution in the capital

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