How to Prepare for Current Affairs for UKPSC Prelims 2016

How to Prepare for Current Affairs for UKPSC Prelims 2016

How to Prepare for Current Affairs for UKPSC Prelims 2016: UKPSC Lower Subordinate is one of the most esteemed and highly influential state-level examination that is conducted by the Uttarakhand Public Service Commission for Uttarakhand Administrative Services. It is organized with a goal to select highly educated individuals who can run the administration of the state of Uttarakhand efficiently.

There has been no official announcement regarding the date of the examination. But, you must start preparing for the UKPSC preliminary exam as soon as possible. In this article, we will be guiding you on how to prepare for Current Affairs for UKPSC Prelims Exam 2016.


How to Prepare for Current Affairs for UKPSC Prelims 2016

For the UKPSC Lower Subordinate Exam, the candidate has to qualify two papers, namely, Preliminary and Mains. Though the preliminary exam only serves as a screening test, but it plays a significant role in helping you qualify for the mains.

Current affairs is one such topic which is very vast and plays a vital role in qualifying the UKPSC Prelims. It is also very important for the mains exam and interview as a number of questions are asked from this topic. The candidate is expected to be well aware and informed of the happenings around the state, country and the world. 

Let’s first have a look at the most important topics for current affairs in UKPSC Prelims

  • Art & Culture (India & Uttarakahnd)
  • Recent Political Issues related to India & Uttarakhand
  • Environment issues related to India & Uttarakhand
  • Recent Economic and social issue related to India & Uttarakhand
  • Award and Honour (India & Uttarakahnd)
  • Sports and tournament (India & Uttarakahnd)
  • Book & author (India & Uttarakahnd)
  • Plan & programme (India & Uttarakhand)

Now, let’s share a few tips that can help you prepare for current affairs for UKPSC Prelims in an effective manner.

Read Newspapers

Current Affairs play a key role in all government exams, also in the mains and the interview. And newspapers are a very important source of gaining knowledge. Keep a pen and marker handy while reading and mark all the important details and jot them down in your notes.

For UKPSC, it is also very important to read local newspapers related to the state of Uttarakhand. Focus on topics related to Administration/Polity, National/International News, Economy, Editorials, Columns and Sports.

Make Notes

This is a primary aspect in terms of your preparation. This makes it easy for you to segregate different topics in terms of importance and other factors. Make written notes or save them in your devices and regularly revise them. By making notes, you can highlight key issues/ events for later review.

Previous Year Question Papers

Go through previous year’s question papers for analyzing the questions related to current affairs. Try to find a pattern in the topics from which the current affairs are asked. This is the best exercise to adopt when you prepare for current affairs. 

From the analysis of previous years question paper, it has been observed that mostly questions are repeated as the same questions have been asked in different types. So, in this case also solving previous years question paper would prove to be beneficial.

Be Aware

Don’t refer to too many newspapers. Too much data will only confuse you. As this is a state exam, try to concentrate more on state newspapers and news related to Uttarakhand. Rather than cramming so much of data, try to incorporate smart study and go for specific topics that seem important.

Also, Focus on latest current affairs. Mostly, the candidate is asked about the recent developments. Concentrate more on state-related issues specific to the state of Uttarakhand.


Try to dedicate some time for revising what you’ve learnt. It is most important tip anyone can give. When you prepare for current affairs, you are presented with a lot of information. It becomes practically impossible to mug up the entire information. Thus, you must set aside a day from your schedule for revision.

We hope these tips and exam strategy on how to prepare for current affairs for UKPSC Prelims proves beneficial to you. Also, have a look at our articles on sectional preparation for UKPSC Prelims:

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