How to Prepare for Geography Optional for IAS Mains 2017

How to Prepare for Geography Optional for IAS Mains

How to Prepare for Geography Optional for IAS Mains: IAS is a dream opportunity for all the people looking for a secured and reputed job with the responsibility of serving the nation. Union Public Services Commission conducted the IAS Prelims exam on 18 June 2017. The result is yet to be announced by UPSC board. All the candidates must start their preparation for IAS Mains exam.How to Prepare for History Optional for IAS Mains

The importance of optional subject has been increasing in recent years and it is a major deciding factor behind your overall IAS Mains score. One should choose the subject wisely and must be able to cover its syllabus along with general studies. Geography is a good optional subject from the civil services point of view. During the last few years, it comes out to be one of the most favourite choices of Civil Services Aspirants.

Similar to our previous article, we will be giving you a brief study plan, some handy preparation tips, and strategy to help you prepare for geography optional subject for upcoming IAS mains exam.


How to Prepare for Geography Optional for IAS Mains 2017

Geography is one of the most scoring subjects among all as it is has ample scope for diagrammatic representation. It is heavily covered in GS paper 1 and also indirectly in many areas of GS Paper 3. The best way to start off your preparation is to go through the NCERT books and related study material. Have a look at the recommended study material for Geography optional.

Study Material for Geography

Keep the reference books and study material limited and revise them again and again. You can take the help of internet to follow the current events especially Geography related or any other particular topic. Make sure that you have your own notes for each topic and also for the Map based section.

For Paper 1:

  • Follow NCERT’s of Class 6th to 12th, Physical Geography Book by Savinder Singh.
  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Chang Leong.
  • Indian and World Geography by Majid Hussain.

For Paper 2:

  • Follow NCERT’s of Class 6th to 12th.
  • India Comprehensive Geography by DR Khullar.
  • Census Data.

There are a few things you should keep in mind while preparing for IAS Mains optional subject.

Geography of India

Geography of India by Majid Hussain

Majid Husain’s book “Geography of India” is a comprehensive book on the subject which is very popular amongst students preparing for various competitive examinations.
The book covers almost all the topics of Indian Geography.

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Human Geo

Goh Cheng Leong’s “Certificate Physical and Human Geography”

Be it climate change, types of natural vegetation, mountain chains, desserts, climatic patterns, glaciers, minerals or other natural phenomenon, Certificate Physical and Human Geography is a natural companion book to know and learn from. Elementary details of most topics that comprise of physical and human geography have been covered in an easy to understand language, with many photographs, illustrations and maps offering detailed explanation, wherever required.

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Head over to our next section of how to prepare for Geography Optional for IAS mains exam.


Important Tips for Geography Optional for IAS Mains 2017

First and foremost, you need to be well aware of the syllabus for the particular subject. If you have some previous educational background in geography, then it is most definitely a plus point. Geography requires a more logical and rational approach than any other topic as it is all related to the science. There are various tips and tricks that can assist you when you prepare for geography optional. Have a look at some:

  • Make a strategy to complete the syllabus topic wise. Enlist the topics which you are weak in and spend more time on them.
  • The basic concepts of each topic should be clear so that one can write in his own language. The best strategy is to refer to NCERT Books as they help in building your basics and conceptual knowledge.
  • Try to incorporate maximum figures in your answers. Learn the basic facts and figures related to the Earth’s structure and atmosphere. Geography is the subject where one can make answers crisp and attractive by figures. So, make a list of these and revise them daily.
  • The most important fact which one should keep in mind is time management. Practice more and more with mock tests and question banks and also set a timer. This will increase your speed as well as accuracy.
  • One must look into old question papers in order to understand the nature of questions and to know the pulse of IAS mains for what exactly they are demanding from students.

Preparation Strategy for Geography Optional For IAS Mains

  • Before starting a chapter, one must look at past year’s questions of that chapter. Identify the questions that are asked for each sub-point and prepare that topic separately. Try to find the answers to past year questions if the reading matter doesn’t explicitly cover them.
  • There are certain subtopics in each chapter from which questions have hardly been asked or on which no questions have been asked. With the nature of the geography paper becoming challenging year by year, prepare a short note on each of these subtopics also.
  • The most important approach for studying geography is through maps. You may study weather, rainfall, soils, vegetation, agriculture etc. Make sure you study them and understand them through maps. Try to overlap them and understand how they are all related. Put up huge maps in your room and whatever you study, mark them on the map. This approach will help you understand geography in a much better way.

Once, you incorporate these tips and strategy in your day to day study plan, you will most definitely have an upper hand in your IAS mains exam 2017. No matter how you prepare for geography optional, your result will always depend on the answers you write. Let’s switch to our last section of the article which will help you write good answers for the exam.


Answer Writing Tips For Geography Optional Paper

Here are some practical tips which will help you write good answers for your geography paper of the IAS Mains exam:

  • On reading a question, identify keywords & think of the answer in terms of diagrams and maps. Thinking of structure and points is important and would certainly follow, but if one thinks of the answer in terms of diagrams, your answer will come across as more attractive. One can think of a map and then develop the structure of the answer around it. It is also a good way to remember the content.
  • While thinking of diagrams/maps, a word of caution is that superfluous diagrams are not going to give one marks. So, the illustration must cater to the requirements of the question.
  • Diagram/Map should be put in a box and mentioned in the text.
  • The answer can be supplemented with data facts. In human geography portion, specifically, census figures should be remembered (census 2011) for demographic attributes.
  • When drawing maps for India showing distribution, say for human geography portion for population density, literacy etc., data is usually represented state-wise. But when making maps in answers, they need not be shown so as drawing state borders is a cumbersome job. Therefore the maps given in books can be simplified so that it becomes easier and faster for you to draw them during the examination.

Suggested by elite exam experts, these books will definitely help in improving your knowledge for IAS Geography Exam Preparation. Click on the link below to buy Books at the cheapest price.

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We hope this article provides you with useful information on how to prepare for Geography Optional for IAS Mains examination 2017.

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