How to Prepare for Sociology Optional for IAS Mains 2017


How to Prepare for Sociology Optional for IAS Mains: The decision of selecting the best optional subject is very crucial and it plays a significant role in your overall score of the IAS exam. One should choose the subject wisely and must be able to cover its syllabus along with general studies. Sociology can be a good optional as it requires a decent level of understanding and good writing skills.How to Prepare for Economics Optional for IAS Mains 2017

Similar to our previous posts, we will be discussing the preparation strategy and tips for the subject of Sociology. We have also recommended the study material required to prepare for sociology optional for IAS Mains.


How to Prepare for Sociology Optional for IAS Mains 2017

Sociology as a subject is helpful in many ways. A good hold over the subject helps you immensely in handling the social issues in General Studies paper. Even in the essay questions, there is certainly at least one topic from the subject of Sociology. Moreover, the interview also has substantial portion involving social issues.

Start your preparation by selecting a topic first. Do not be haphazard in your preparation. It is very important to make a proper study plan and revise with the help of reference books:

Recommended Books for Paper- I

  • Sociology, Haralambos, 5th edition — A fantastic book to learn the fundamental concepts that constitute Sociology. The book also helps in Paper-2.
  • Sociology – A Guide to Problems and Literature, T. B. Bottomore.
  • Sociological Theory by George Ritzer and Douglas J. Goodman (VI edition) — Read Chapter 4.
  • Capitalism and Modern Social Theory, Anthony Giddens.
  • 11 and 12th NCERT — Sociology

Recommended Books for Paper- II

  • IGNOU notes (especially for thinkers and topic on Indian system)
  • 11 and 12th NCERT — Sociology
  • Caste its 20th Century Avatar, M.N. Srinivas
  • Modernisation of Indian Tradition, Yogendra Singh
  • Social tradition in India, Yogendra Singh
  • Notes by different tutorials as mentioned above
  • Contemporary Sociology by M Francis Abraham (Oxford Publications): Chapters 11, 14,15 and 17)
  • Society in India by Ram Ahuja (Selective pages from Chapters 1, 2, 4, 8, 9 and 16)
  • Handbook of Indian Sociology by Veena Das — Use this book to cover those topics which you have not been able to cover using the standard textbooks mentioned above.
  • For Current affairs vis-Ã -Vis Paper 2, please stick to Yojana, Hindu (& other standard newspapers & magazines).

If you honestly read all the books listed, you will cover a great part of the syllabus. Now, Let’s move forward to the next section to help you prepare for sociology optional in a better way.


Preparation Tips for Sociology Optional for IAS Mains 2017

The syllabus for Sociology is pretty vast and comprehensive. But, you can easily cover it up with the help of a proper exam strategy and study plan. Sociology requires you to expand your creative intellect and tackle issues related to social and political interests. Have a look these tips that are given below to help you prepare for sociology optional in a better way.

  • First and foremost, try memorizing the syllabus or go through it at least once. It helps to put the study material in right perspective. It also helps in knowing which topics have not been covered yet.
  • Thinkers are the backbone of sociology, so, understanding is very important rather than only specific terms. In fact, after studying individual thinkers try comparing it with the views of other thinkers.
  • Most questions can be easily understood and written if the concepts of Sociology are clear. Thus, get your concepts/basics clear with quality books or teachers.
  • For theory subjects like Sociology, You need to understand what various terms mean and master the jargon of the subject. Once you understand the concepts and the jargon, you can start writing your own notes and analysis.
  • At the end of the day, the most important activity that an aspirant needs to do is study the question papers of the last 20-25 years, understand what kind of questions are being asked. This is the best strategy that will help you prepare for sociology optional efficiently.

No matter how you prepare for sociology optional, your result will always depend on the answers you write.


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Let’s switch to our last section of the article which will help you write good answers for the exam.


Answer Writing Tips for Sociology Optional Paper

Here are some practical tips which will help you write good answers for your sociology paper of the IAS Mains exam:

  • Your answers need to be structured so that the examiner has a linear logical flow while reading it. This will ensure better marks. Practice writing answers as it will help you to structure your answers on-the-go during the exam.
  • Please be objective in your answers and wherever possible, provide a strong, logical conclusion to your answer.
  • Learn to write effective answers within the prescribed word limit. There will not be enough time during the exam to think and write.
  • Write and practice as much as you can. The importance of practicing writing answers cannot be over-stressed.
  • Make use of flowcharts wherever possible to explain.
  • Learn to write the answers within the time frame. For example, a 20 marks question should be allotted not more than 12 minutes.
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We hope this article provides you with useful information on how to prepare for Sociology Optional for IAS Mains examination 2017.

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