How to Prepare for JSSC Police SI General Maths Section

How to Prepare for JSSC Police SI General Maths Section

How to Prepare for JSSC Police SI General Maths Section: Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC) has issued an official notification regarding recruitment of Sub Inspectors in the Jharkhand Police Department.

JSSC will conduct the said examination within a few months. Hence, with a few months preparation window, let us read about How to Prepare for JSSC Police SI General Maths Section. You can also read our previous article on General Studies Preparation Tips.

How to Prepare for JSSC Police Sub Inspector General Studies Section

Lets us now see how we can crack this recruitment examination in the most efficient manner. In the mid way, we will also elaborate important topics for the upcoming examination.


How to Prepare for JSSC Police SI General Maths Section

Mathematics is considered a pest by most candidates. Hence, this article on ‘How to Prepare for JSSC Police SI General Maths’ will focus on how we can help aspirants in identifying best preparation tips and techniques which help them in cracking the upcoming Exam.

Each aspirant must be able to answer the following questions after they’ve read this article on How to Prepare for JSSC Police SI General Maths Section.

  • How do I start preparing for General Maths section?

  • Can I prepare for JSSC Police Sub Inspector Maths Topic-Wise?

  • Which topics in General Maths are easy to crack?

So, without any further build-up, this our take on How to Prepare for JSSC Police SI General Maths Section.

Analyse your Exam Syllabus First

The JSSC Police Sub Inspector General Maths Section can be cumbersome. So, there can be a chance that you might miss out on a few scoring topics. Read the following article on JSSC Police Sub Inspector Syllabus.

JSSC Police SI Syllabus 2017: Section-Wise Topic List

Read: JSSC Police Sub Inspector Syllabus

The following topics in JSSC Police SI General Maths Section should be at your tips.

  • Arithmetic
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Percentages
  • Profit & Loss
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Basic of Algebra, linear equations

These are the most commons topics for JSSC Police Sub Inspector General Mathematics Section. The go-to strategy for Mathematics Preparation is

  1. Begin with the basics
  2. Understand the type of questions asked from a particular topic
  3. Find ways to solve them optimally
  4. Practice and Practice

It is understandable that not many candidates are comfortable with Mathematics, but you need to qualify the exam. So, try to atleast solve a set number of questions that you are confident about.

Exam Strategy for Arithmetic in General Maths

The world of arithmetic is basically– Numbers and their properties, LCM and HCF, Algebra word problems, Sequence and series, Time and Work, Time, Speed and Distance. These are the topics one should do on a priority basis as these are not very difficult and easy to crack.

Most questions on the above mentioned topics can be solved by directly applying a formula or algorithm so make sure that you maintain a proper notebook with the most frequently used ones.

But as a fail safe, you cannot dedicate more than 2 minutes to any questions. Just skip if you cannot deduce the answer by inspection.

Speeding Up Calculations with Tips & Minor Hacks

Since you will be facing a number of calculation based questions, you need to have the following things at your tips

  1. Tables from 1 to 20
  2. Square from 1 to 30
  3. Cube from 1 to 30
  4. Most common Fraction to Decimal Conversions and vice-versa

Though most of you already know all this, it is advisable to go through this atleast once or twice until the exam day and try to use these short tricks while solving the paper.


JSSC Police SI General Maths Preparation Tips

  • Try to align your preparation with the exam pattern for Maths Section in the upcoming Recruitment Exam. This will help candidate to attempt Maths section in better ways.
  • Give mock tests regularly. Mock test helps in a way that a candidate get prepared better for the upcoming exam.

Magical Book on Quicker Maths

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  • Also, Revise sample papers and practice tests. This  will help you to gain an insight into the pattern.
  • Read Question Twice in order to understand it correctly with no scope of mistake in interpretation of meaning.

We hope that these preparation tips for JSSC Police SI General Maths will prove beneficial for you. We wish all the luck to the aspirants for the upcoming JSSC Recruitment Examination. Our good wishes are always with you.

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