How to Prepare for the Last Attempt of IAS Exam

How to Prepare for the Last Attempt of IAS Exam

How to Prepare for the Last Attempt of IAS Exam: You might be a recurrent UPSC aspirant trying to achieve the desired AIR rank, or just late bloomer appearing for the UPSC for the very first time, and incidentally your last too. Age of 32 years being an eligibility criteria for appearing for the prestigious CSE exam for students belonging to general category (35 years for OBC, 37 for SC/ST), this can be your very last shot here.

While the situation is challenging; all the pressure from peer groups, uncertainty of the future, self-respect and pumped up ambition might affect the performance of the candidate in the exams in detrimental ways. Chances are that failure met after 4-5 years of preparation takes a toll on the aspirant, weighing him down emotionally and mentally. To top it all, the fact that this is the very last attempt he can appear for can leave him in absolute despair.


Preparation Tips for the Last Attempt of IAS Exam

As we all know, there are two sides of every coin. The correct way to look at it would be that you have spent 4-5 years in preparation which makes you more experienced than most other candidates. Hence, this might be the brightest of hours rather than being the most hopeless one. While all the aspirants have an equal chance of cracking the exam; regardless of the preparation they have put in, you stand at this juncture fortified with experience that most other aspirants lack. 

Know that You are Familiar

The most evident advantage while appearing for the last attempt of IAS Exam is the familiarity factor. Its likely that you know how to deal with hardships that most freshers face during the preparation phase. You are less susceptible to the pressure of the exam, and much more resourceful than an average aspirant. Even if the exam pattern, exam format, and even subjective priorities change, the knowledge you have amassed over the years is going to remain with you and will help you in your last attempt.

Figure Out What’s Missing

Begin the final course of your CSE preparation by analysis of your previous preparation strategies and compare them to question papers. This review will highlight your core strength areas, help you figure out what got missed and will assist you in formulating your last study plan for CSE. This exercise shall help you become more focused and organised towards the goal.

Take the Most out of Your Academic Experience

It is your last chance, this is all reason you need to be strategic in your preparation. Do not choose optional on basis of popular trends or peer pressure. Because a subject worked for someone else in no way implies that  it may work for you. A plus strategy would be to revisit your academic background, the field you specialized in. Your experience in the subject will always be an added advantage from exam perspective.

No Substitute to Hardwork

Put simply, there is no substitute to hard work. Commit yourself fully to the cause and achieve your goals.

Rule Your Floor

Myriad of coaching institutes, success stories of aspirants who are successful , peers and online resources will all shower you with endless ‘gyan’ regarding preparation strategies. Do not follow them blindly. Take cue from all but be your own master, to formulate a strategy that works for you. Customization is the key to help you reach the IAS dream. 

For any competitive exam, be it your first or last, the result will be positive only if you have the strength and mental ability to work hard and stay confident. Your positive outlook can be reflected on the outcome only if you never let the hope die.

We hope this article will uplift you mentally and you will be able to crack the IAS examination even if it is your last attempt. All the Best for UPSC Civil Services Examination 2016.

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