How to Prepare for NICL AO Prelims Reasoning Ability Section 2017

How to Prepare for NICL AO Prelims Reasoning Ability Section 2017

How to Prepare for NICL AO Prelims Reasoning Ability Section 2017: NICL is going to recruit candidates for the post of Administrative Officer. The commission will conduct NICL AO Examination on 3rd June 2017.

The question is: Are you prepared for the upcoming exam ?? In order to secure good marks and qualify NICL AO Prelims, here are some essential tips on NICL AO Prelims Reasoning Ability preparation which will help you to attempt NICL Prelims efficiently. But first let us provide you a brief view of the exam pattern.


NICL AO Prelims Exam Pattern 2017

The Online Computer-Based Test (CBT) for NICL AO Prelims 2017 will be conducted in objective MCQ pattern. This test would be of 60 minutes duration consisting of 3 sections- English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability.

Name of the Test Number of Questions Maximum Marks
English Language 30 30
Quantitative Aptitude 35 35
Reasoning Ability 35 35
Total 100 100
Candidates have to qualify in each test by securing passing marks to be decided by the Company. Adequate number of candidates in each category as decided by the Company (approximately 15 times the numbers of vacancies subject to availability) will be shortlisted for the Main Examination.

NICL AO Expected Data of Questions ( %)

Based on previous year mains exam, the list of important topics is as under:

  • Puzzles
  • Syllogism
  • Series
  • Direction
  • Blood Relation
  • Miscellaneous

These topics are expected to cover a major chunk of  NICL AO Prelims Reasoning Ability section. Precise information can be viewed from the below-mentioned pie chart:


Let us now touch the core of this article which will help you acquire useful tips on NICL AO Prelims Reasoning Ability Section.


Are you Prepared for NICL AO Prelims Reasoning Ability Section

Questions based on Reasoning Ability are fun to solve, provided you really know and understand the problem. Let us now go through the each topics of reasoning ability section-

How to Prepare for Syllogism Questions

Questions based on syllogism are totally based upon Logic. To ensure a better score in this section, you can use the following techniques.

  • Venn Diagrams are the best and the quickest way to solve such type of questions easily. However, sometimes a questions can have a lot of Venn diagrams.
  • In this case, one should draw the easiest figure in order to solve the question in the minimum amount of time.
  • Practice as much as you can to understand the various types of Syllogism Questions.

How to Prepare for Seating Arrangement Questions

  • Questions on Seating Arrangement involve Arrangement of Persons in a circular table, rectangular table or a line with some given conditions.
  • In order to such type of questions, the best strategy is to develop a rough pictorial diagram.
  • Once the diagram is complete, questions that follow can be answered easily.

How to Prepare for Puzzles Questions

  • Puzzles are intentionally designed to stimulate the brain into devising solution, one would be given a series of interlinked information or data and would be expected to have the ability to analyze the data in order to reach certain conclusions.
  • The trick is to make a relevant tabular structure for using the clues seamlessly, perceive what indirect clues are being stated in order to use them correctly and convert  clues written in language form into visual clues so that you do not need to read the text again and again.

How to Prepare for Coding Decoding Questions

  • Questions on coding decoding are very easy to solve. Coding is a process of conversion of original word or sentence or collection of character into some other form by following certain logic or rule. The resultant is known as Code.
  • In order to solve such questions you just have to find the logic or rule that is being followed by comparing the given words/ sentences/ characters.
  • There are a number of variations in Coding Decoding Questions. So, it is next to impossible to solve questions based on them without proper practice.

How to Prepare for Blood Relation Questions

  • Questions on blood relationships are very common in competitive exams. In such type of questions, a roundabout description is given in the form of certain small relationships and direct relationship between the persons concerned is to be deciphered.
  • Questions based on blood relation may appear confusing but it is easier to answer if one breaks the questions into parts and analyze it with the help of a diagram.
  • Apply blood relation question on your family structure. This will make things clear to you.

How to Prepare for Analogy Questions

  • In questions based on Analogy, a particular relationship is given and another similar relationship has to be identified from the alternatives given.
  • The Analogy Reasoning Questions are both verbal as well as non verbal.However, there is a very less chance that will contain Non-verbal analogy questions. In verbal questions a relationship is given and you have to find out similar relationship from the given alternatives.

How to Prepare for Coded Inequality

  • Try to solve inequalities topic questions in a less time so that you can utilize more time to other sections.
  • As of NICL AO, it is expected that these questions will come directly (say A>B<C>D) instead of coded form (A@B$C*D).
  • Aspirants should practice this topic efficiently as it will help them to score more in less time.

After the detail analysis of each topic, let us remember some tips to be applied for NICL AO reasoning ability section:

NICL AO Prelims Reasoning Overall Tips

  • Do not waste time on a single question.
  • Note down the data and make separate diagrams for seating arrangement topic.
  • Attempt easier questions first, try to start with your favourite topic.

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  • Apply blood relation question on your family structure. This will make things clear to you.
  • A single Question that seems to be unsolvable within 1 min is of no use. Do not stick to a particular question. Do not try a question more than two times. It will definitely kill your time and will lower down your confidence.
  • Do not get nervous if the level of exam is high. Overall cut off will be published in accordance to the level of the exam.

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