How to Prepare for RRB ALP Mathematics Section 2018

How to Prepare for RRB ALP Mathematics Section 2018

How to Prepare for RRB ALP Mathematics Section 2018:  Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has officially released Railway ALP recruitment 2018 notification for 26502 vacancies of Assistant Loco Pilot & Technicians post. RRB will definitely be muddling up the questions to see, if a candidate is mentally prepared for the exam.

But, Are you prepared enough??

Solely cramming formulas and studying day and night won’t be of any good. To help you in a better way, OnlineTyari experts have amalgamated essentials tips (Topic-wise) which will definitely help you attempt RRB ALP Maths section in an efficient manner.


RRB ALP Mathematics Preparation Tips

Mathematics is considered a pest by most candidates. Hence, this article on ‘How to Prepare for RRB ALP Maths’ will focus on how we can help aspirants in identifying best preparation tips and techniques which help them in cracking the upcoming Exam.

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Time & Work

Time and Work problems are most frequently asked problems in quantitative aptitude. To solve these problems very quickly, you should understand the concept of Time and Work and some shortcut methods. Do remember these important pointers:

  • If a man can do a piece of work in 5 days, then he will finish 1/5th of the work in one day.
  • If a man can finish 1/5th of the work in one day then he will take 5 days to complete the work.
  • If a man 5/6th of work in one hour then he will take 6/5 hours to complete the full work.
  • If A works three times faster than B then A takes 1/3rd the time taken by B.
  • Always use short tricks & practice Time & work questions regularly.


Mensuration 3D and 2D both are very important topics in terms of the number of questions that a candidate can come across during the exam. The number of questions asked from mensuration 3D is higher than 2D. Thus, one needs to try and focus on them as it can really boost your score and help you clear the average cut-off.


  • The maximum number of questions are asked from Trigonometric Identities. It is of utmost importance and you need to emphasize this topic a little more than the others. It will surely guarantee you good marks.
  • Questions can appear from the topic of sum, difference and product formulae. So, this topic can also be considered as important.
  • Topics like Trigonometric Rations, Its Multiple and Sub- Multiple Angles, Properties of triangles and Height and Distances are somewhat important. The pattern of number of questions varies from year to year and is comparatively less than the other topics. Not that important but an aspirant should not leave any topic untouched as one should always be ready to cope up with the unexpected during an exam. Also, all these topics combined can sum up to a big chunk of marks that has the ability to hinder your score.

Generally, a very few number of questions are put up from the topic of Surds and Indices, but we cannot miss any topic as you never know what can be asked.

To score better in RRB ALP Maths Section, keep the following points in your mind:

It is necessary that you follow all these study tactics and tips in order to strengthen your overall prowess over Quantitative Aptitude Section.

  1. First of all, you need to know the syllabus for mathematics section of RRB ALP exam. Getting acquainted with the syllabus helps you to focus and evaluate your strong/weak topics.
  2. The most important tip to help you ace the RRB ALP mathematics paper is improving your speed. Practice regularly to enhance your speed and ensure time management.
  3. Go through previous year’s question papers. Solve previous year’s question papers on a daily basis. This helps in understanding the pattern of questions and how to attempt them.  This will also enable you to understand the level of difficulty for each topic.
  4. Learn the tables up to 25, cubes upto 15, cube roots up to 15 and basic algebra formulas. Maintain a separate notebook for the above mentioned information. Regularly revise them till the date of the examination.
  5. Learn the basic concepts of the topics mentioned in the syllabus. Take guidance from reference books if you get stuck on a particular topic. Do not leave any topic, even if it seems relatively unimportant, as questions can be asked from anywhere.
  6. Try to adopt your own short cut methods which you learn after solving variety of questions. Take a systematic approach for each question. Analyze the question before attempting it blindly by conventional methods.
  7. Practice with various mock tests and question banks which are available on various online portals. This helps you in giving an idea of the different ways the questions are set. The questions are deliberately set in a confusing format but if you are familiar with the pattern and different question types, you will be able to solve the questions easily.
  8. Learn new tricks or smart learning methods to ensure efficient use of time and labor. Revise whatever you learn during your preparation at the end of the week. This way you will be able to retain the information.
  9. Most of all, maintain a positive outlook to release the pressure.

Here we conclude our article on How to Prepare for RRB ALP Mathematics Section 2018.  Needless to say, we will keep you posted on other important articles. Till then, stay connected for more information regarding RRB ALP Recruitment 2018. To excel in Railways Examinations, download the Best RRB Railways Exam Preparation App for free.

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